One of the big decisions you have to make when you want to move to a bungalow township Kolkata is whether to rent or buy. There are certain advantages to each option so here are three of those things to think about.

Factor 1 – How Long Do You Want To Live At That Property?

One of the things to consider is how long you want to live there. There was a time when you could buy, do a place up and then sell in 3 to 5 years when you are ready to move on, and you would make money doing it. But nowadays things are a bit harder, more people are choosing to stay with what they have, live with family and extend or renovate rather than move. If you are looking for a bungalow to live in for 8 years or more then buying makes sense but if you are not planning on living in that area for long it might just be easier and less costly to rent a bungalow if possible, or another property if you cannot find a bungalow rental. Why juggle things like a mortgage and saving for the big down payment that is being asked for now when you only intend to live there for a couple of years?

Factor 2 – Are You Happy To Manage The Costs Of Maintenance If You Own It?

One of the differences between renting and owning is who pays for and handles the maintenance of the bungalow or property in question. With bungalows Kolkata you own, you can stay in charge of what maintenance and work happens and when, and you can control how much those things cost. But it is you that has to cover that cost. With a rental, you can leave that to the property owner or rental manager. But they may not do it to high standards and will do it when they get around to it.

Factor 3 – How Is The Market Doing In General And In The City?

When moving into a bungalow township Kolkata you need to consider how the housing market is doing. If the market in the city is not doing well it is a good idea to rent until hings are better and then buy. There has been a lot going on in India and the world in fact, but things will recover.


When you are considering bungalows Kolkata and whether to buy or rent it is important to consider all the factors. Budget, timing, how the market is, and then also get the advice from several experts such as property agents and a financial advisor. Home values do not stay the same, they cycle around, so if it is not a good time right now, it could be the right move to just wait where you are and then buy when things are better. There is no reason you cannot have your dream bungalow.