Are you looking for vibrant perennial plants that will return year in and year out for you? Consider these great suggestions below. Here are five plants that will boost your curb appeal and turn plenty of heads.

Of course, you must be certain of growing conditions that are necessary for the plant(s) you’re considering. You must be cognizant of light and soil requirements. Plus, you need to make sure you will have the time necessary for pruning and watering.


Details relating to your care duties, interesting tidbits, and an overall summary of your best options is provided here. Any of these five colorful perennial plants could look wonderful in your yard.


The beautiful petals and vibrant red or orange color daylily plants are just two of the lovely features you will appreciate. They also showcase a burst of yellow in the middle of their bloom, with the color bleeding out into the middle of each of the six tepals. Able to grow up to three feet tall, you can turn to this plant if looking for a signature flower to mark your garden bed. They blend well with other flowers, too. Should you go with this perennial plant, you can expect it to bloom mid to late summer.


Available in various colors, red daylilies are known to attract butterflies. And if you are a fan of the hummingbird, you might see more of those in your yard. Make sure you plant mulch or pine straw around your red daylilies. Weeds will try to grow through them and can easily take over the plant. A hardy perennial that can withstand droughts, you still want to water every day for optimal blooming. Make sure your daylily is planted in a spot that gets at least four to six hours of sunlight.

Cardinal Flowers

Plant this other red cardinal flower perennial is a location that gets your property’s morning sunlight and afternoon shade. You can expect your cardinal flowers to bloom into the fall. Once the colder months have arrived, you don’t have to cut this plant back to see it return healthy again the following year. This native wildflower of the Americas can be spotted in marshes, near streams, and in wet forests. In your own yard, you can expect to see a unique tubular bloom.

Cardinal flowers also attract hummingbirds, and they, too, grow to be up to three feet tall. As this plant produces its blooms, you will appreciate the beautiful red color. You also should love how it produces several blooms on just one stem. This plant will combat weeds pretty good on its own, but you should still apply a little bit of mulch around it. Keep your soil moist, too.


When you choose to plant this perennial, you can opt for orange, yellow, or white versions. You also can choose daffodils with or without leaves. If you start with a bulb, you want to sew it about eight inches deep into your soil. Make sure you plant the daffodil bulb in fall before the first below-freezing temps of the season.


You can expect this plant to start showing-off in spring, and in some cases, you will see blooms produced for up to six months. Both full and partial sun allow daffodils to thrive. In addition, not much watering is needed on your end. A good watering once a week where your plants get at least one inch of water should be enough. However, if you plant them next to other more hearty plants, then you should water them twice a week. Nearby larger bushes, shrubs, and trees could compete for the hydration.

Lily of the Valley

Their white blooms look like little bells, and you will appreciate their unique appearance and their very fragrant smell. Plus, they produce for you long, green leaves that also are beautiful. Should you want colorful blooms and dimension in your yard, lilies of the valley could be perfect for you. Place them in a location where you will get little to no sunlight. They typically thrive in cool, moist soil.

Iris Cristata

Expect your lily of the valley to reach a height of anywhere between four to eight inches. Their average width is around three to five inches. This perennial also can spread very easily on your property. You could opt for a pink flowering version of this plant, too, but the white blooms are traditionally the most sought after type. They typically bloom throughout the spring.

Iris Cristata

Featuring a lavender, lilac, or pastel blue flower marked by a gold fall, this plant is also referred to as the crested iris or the dwarf crested iris. The iris cristata only grows to between three and six inches in height. After flowering, the rest of the plant will mature to be anywhere from six to 16 inc


Expect your blooms to arrive in April. In order to get the most out of this plant, you should have them have planted in a full flight or a partial light area. Make sure you keep your soil moist. To prevent slugs and snails from destroying them, consider placing some used coffee grounds around your plants. Know those aforementioned critters are attracted to this perennial.

Five Great Options

Best wishes as you search for colorful perennials to add to your landscaping. May you find the perfect choice(s) that will work for you and your yard. As you can see, you have five great options just presented above.

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