Façade cleaning services help keep your building tidy and free from diseases. Especially after the COVID-19 pandemic and increasing health concerns of people, more companies have been hiring façade cleaning professionals.

In this article, we look at the things you should consider before choosing façade cleaning services:

What Equipment Do They Primarily Use?

Façade cleaning involves working on heights. This basically means service providers have to wear safety gear and need various other equipment to address the risk of falling.

The tools can be lift, scaffold, ladder, etc. However, most of the service seekers look for a rope access service provider.

Rope access is a method of working where a worker is anchored on a rope. The rope is tied on their body with safety equipment and helps to keep them from falling.

Rope access is less expensive than other ways of working. Furthermore, it takes less time to setup. The work is also faster and more effective than other methods as workers can move through the building with more freedom.

Thus, the first thing to do while choosing façade cleaning services is to find a rope access service provider.

Things That They Can Do

Of course, we are talking about façade cleaning services, but some companies can also offer sink cleaning, dusty carpets, etc. After all, the idea of hiring them is to keep your office healthy and sanitized.

Furthermore, façade cleaning itself has many types. For example, pressure washing (high pressure washing to remove dirt), moss control, special washing (for places with paint and plaster), lightbox advertisement washing, etc. The type of façade washing that we should do depends on the purpose and the building material. Well, all you need to do is hire a service company that can do the required job effectively.

Previous Work Experience And Review

This is a general one, but still very important when you choose an external facade cleaning services. You can go through the company’s website or social media, or directly do some research to contact one of their previous clients. Also, if the façade cleaning service company works locally, you can directly visit, and see the places that they have cleaned before.