Building Information Modeling process has become quite popular over the last few years in the field of architecture, engineering and construction. Consequently, a number of AEC professionals are implementing BIM services from top BIM consultants into their workflow. As a result of which, project managers are facing the challenges of managing teams. However, this stems from the fact that they have never used this new concept of BIM earlier in their project workflow. So, they are unable to lead forward using the right resources to their advantage.

Here are the top 7 tips on how the BIM consultants manage construction projects with BIM:

Comprehending Bim Process                                                                                                                  

Top BIM service providers in USA understand the fact that Building Information Modeling is a process. The collaborative approach of BIM helps to create coordinated, consistent and computable information regarding a construction, through a centralized system of 3d models instead of a distinct set of 2d drawings. BIM provides the mechanical, structural engineering and architect firms a novel way of working, which streamlines workflow through an integrated approach.

Discerning Bim Capabilities

BIM consultants consider the Revit model to be more than a 3d model. It constitutes the database of information which allows constructability reviews, clash detection, construction scheduling, mechanical shop drawings, Bill of material extraction, performance analysis and facilities management. Working on a Revit BIM model, BIM service providers in USA ensure improved accuracy through shifting elements in the plan, and moving elevations and sections. To take an instance, if you add windows in an exterior wall, window schedules get updated automatically in the BIM model. Instant BIM 3d visualization helps an architect firm to make improved decisions at an earlier stage.  BIM consultants are able to open, close and navigate a BIM model, through cut sections, creating mechanical shop drawings.

Assigning Bim Staff & Cost At Earlier Phase

It is always advisable to maintain a consistent project team through the BIM model.  Assign BIM staff and cost at an earlier phase of the project.  Allocate 40-45% of the fees at the Schematic Design and Design Development phases for making better decisions about your resources. Always explain the process of assigning BIM staff and cost to your clients in detail, so that they could have their points.

Obeying 60/40 Rule For Modeling & Drawings

BIM service providers in USA obey the 60/40 rule, of which 60% of the time is for modeling and 40% of the time for drawing and annotations. They establish the benchmarks for design and documentation and then decide on the level of detailing for various building components before modeling. BIM 3d model is used for construction documentation, fabrication and assembly for bathroom renovation services, kitchen remodeling and other building services. Set the rules at the beginning for model creation and drawings and match your construction workflow in the perfect way.

Opting For A Clash Detection Competition

BIM service providers in USA are always using the 3D Revit model for detecting spatial clashes amongst various building systems, like ducts running through beams or lights hitting sprinklers. Earlier clash detection through BIM helps to save time and cost for the project, identifying fewer errors during construction. Revit enables basic diagnostics and Navisworks helps in detecting and documenting conflicts in a detailed manner. BIM consultants are able to arrange virtual coordination meetings with AEC project stakeholders for discussing the building model. You may set a clash detection competition amongst the team members, so that the winners get an honorable mention.

Reusing Model For The Future

The work of BIM Modeling is often time-consuming, especially while working with parametric components. However, once created, BIM consultants and AEC project stakeholders can easily modify and reuse it in the future. BIM engineers create a coordinated set of documents with the right components  so that the precious database benefits the entire project team.

Staying Connected On Mobile

Several apps are available these days, where you are able to view, print, comment and share the BIM model or other project information. Building contractors use their tablets for tracking construction progress. This speeds up project schedules through greater efficacy and quality control as everyone has a single source of information from the BIM model.

Follow these simple tips for managing projects with BIM. Appoint one of the best BIM consultants or one of the top BIM service providers in USA – Tejjy Inc.  at 202-465-4830 or and manage your construction projects in the most befitting way.