Wish to have a luxury washroom? First, invest in good-quality material for the bathroom vanity interior. Although various materials will look classic and save a lot of space, adding a statement piece “countertop” to the vanity can enhance the kitchen’s aura and outlook. Additionally, choosing a perfect bathroom countertop can set the tone of the space and make it look presentable.

Our bathroom vanities are one of the most hardworking zones, as it incorporates a sink used for toiletries and is mostly subjected to soap and water spills. Therefore, it’s necessary to focus on the material used for the interiors.

Factors like durability, affordability, and aesthetic outlook should be a major concern. Additionally, when it comes to bathroom countertops materials and options are practically endless nowadays.

Read more about bathroom countertops and how to choose the best option for you.

Three Best Bathroom Countertop Materials To Choose From 

Today, we have developed a detailed guide to help people choose an ideal counter for themselves. This guide includes the three most popular and top materials for countertops. Along with a dedicated section of qualities required in an ideal countertop.

Marble Countertops

A highly veined material: Marble is among the most beautiful materials when decorating a space. Its glossy nature reflects the space and enhances and makes the kitchen look bigger. And surprisingly, marble is a solid material and reflects a strong appearance. Moreover, it relatively has a soft finish. And not only standard print or colour, but marble is available in various colours and patterns.

But it’s also true that it is expensive, and gets warm and cold quickly, which is not suitable for the bathroom vanity. The bathroom vanity countertops materials could easily get damaged even while using hot water or utensils.

Granite Countertops

Usually, people get confused between granite and marble, but they are extremely different from each other. Yes, granite is a strong material, but it has a rougher, grittier surface than marble. While going for the natural stone bathroom countertops materials – granite is among the most popular options for people. It is known to be a long-lasting, beautiful, and durable material.

However, it’s important to note that granite requires sealing every six months to a year. And few materials can be used to clean it.


Quartz is amongst the hardest and most abundant minerals, mixed with pigments, recycled content, and resins. It is a solid countertop material with as much as a 90 percent natural stone foundation.

In addition, quartz is famous for its ability to mimic the aesthetics of granite, limestone, and marble. High-quality quartz is also stain and scratch-resistant by nature, which makes it a more-than-suitable option for heavy and rough usage. As a result, quartz countertops are amongst the best materials for bathroom countertops and vanities.

So, one of the best options is a quartz countertop. As it’s affordable and has durable material, it can easily handle heavy usage and last for a longer period.

Qualities of the Best Countertop Material

Whether it’s a redesigning project or rebuilding the entire bathroom from scratch, it’s vital to ensure a few things before investing the hard-earned money. Moreover, to enhance the timeless appeal of the bathroom vanity, a little help from the following ideas can simplify the process.

The Material Should be Heat or UV Resistant

It’s essential to understand that – a counter should always be UV and heat resistant. As counters are used for various purposes, they should have the capacity to handle everyday chores.

But if the countertop is not of good quality, it can exhibit some toxic fumes, which can also be dangerous for other family members. However, one should always avoid prolonged exposure to hot utensils or water, but it should be able to bear a minimum hot temperature.

The Material Should Be Scratch Resistant

Bathroom Countertops Options: Which one Should You Choose?

Be it heavy utensils, edgy boxes, or toothpaste spills. Our countertops are forced to bear a lot while doing everyday chores. And as a result, they can easily leave behind a handful of scratches on the counters.

So, it’s essential to look for scratch-resistant counter material to avoid scratchy and ugly-looking bathroom counters. Otherwise, the counter will only look beautiful for a few days and reflect an old-looking appearance on other days.

Look For Cost-Effective Customization

While designing the counters, try to avoid going over the board. Instead, look for affordable or cost-effective customization. Also, try using a suitable counter material that will help highlight the space and complement the bathroom’s colour scheme. With one of the best bathroom countertops materials, one can play with colours and add a statement piece to rejoice the counter once again.

The Material Should Be Easy To Clean

As bathrooms are frequently used, it is required to clean them now and then. And if the countertop is not of good quality, one might feel discomfort while cleaning it. So, before investing the money, it’s vital to opt for easy-to-clean counters for the bathroom vanity countertops.

The Counter Should Be Easy To Install

Although, one can hire a professional for the installation process. But it’s always recommended to look for the material one can easily install if aiming to DIY. For example, it is difficult to manipulate wood or marble pieces. However, handling a quartz countertop is still manageable as it is being cut in precise measures.

The Material Should Be Sustainable And Durable

Having a naturally homegrown material on the countertop makes it lightweight. And gives people a sense of satisfaction each time they look at their bathroom vanity. Moreover, spaces like – the bathroom or kitchen are prone to dripping utensils or dripping liquids.

So, one should always have a solid but easy-to-maintain and durable counter. And it’s also important to maintain sanitary conditions, so choosing a countertop that can be rugged enough for everyday chores is vital.


Although there are ample options, a little help with ideas or knowledge can help make the right decision. As various materials are available in the market, one can customize their counters and have a unique quartz countertop. However, considering the guide given above is recommended for detailed guidance and knowledge.