Your home is your sanctuary, you need not invest a lot in the interiors of it if you can’t afford to but there are still a hundred ways to elevate the insides of your house the way you want. Off the top of the head, I can think of personal photos blown up and added to frames, painting some bottles to add a certain aesthetic quality, making macrame wall hangings, self sewn curtains and more. Any little thing you do adds a sweet personal touch to your home and makes it more and more yours with each passing day.

Where to begin?

If it seems like a huge task to add beauty to your whole home you can always choose a specific room or a specific corner to begin with. Bedrooms are definitely a fan favourite when it comes to designing and personalising, you spend your most cosiest of times in there so it’s natural to want your cave to feel like your own and no one else’s. If that too seems like a difficult start, you can begin with a small corner preferably with a nearby window, this could be your reading corner or your evening spot to sip your coffee in.

Elevating Aesthetics:

Let us talk about the small additions that you can make to a room that would elevate its aesthetic from zero to hundred right away. The first one is something that adds beauty as well as life, a bunch of plants is a wonderful addition to make, they are not too steep on the pockets meanwhile they also add colour to the room and enhance the oxygen circulation in the room. Adding a cherry on top, is the contentment you receive from taking care of a life.

If you are an artist, your  paintings, or sketches, or doodles, or embroidery, or crochet or anything of the sort would be an excellent addition to your personal space, this brings the room closer to your heart further. Recently with the evolution of online classes there are a lot of workshops that help teach you many crafts and kinds, this, in addition to being a talent acquisition, it helps you relax and calm your mind as well. There has been a wave of workshops conducted nowadays for teaching embroidery, macrame wall hangings, dream catchers, paintings and more. Of course, there is always the option of buying these off the market but is it not more fun to pin pick every little thing for your home, make them yourself and proudly hang them.

macrame wall hangings

Imagine a corner with long windows covered in beautiful curtains and a comfortable wooden chair with lovely cushions and an ottoman right below it, a graceful wall hanging in one end and some pictures of your near and dear ones framed next to it. There is a bookshelf near your chair containing all your favourites ranging from Shakespeare to Harry potter. Wouldn’t you just melt into this place and never want to leave.

We humans can’t wait for every chance to jump out of the house but we spend hours together keeping it pretty and clean, so if you want to invest a little time, money and effort to make your humble abode a fairy tale of its own, do not hesitate, take the opportunity.