As a property owner, chances are you’re always looking to find ways to make your property the best it can be and attract new renters. There are a select few amenities that properties can offer that are both highly sought after by renters and beneficial for the owner, one of them is extra rentable storage. Not only does offering rentable on-site storage give you a leg up on competition from other properties, but the rental fees give you an additional bonus income every month. It can be difficult to find or have the extra space to install full sized traditional style storage units, that’s when over car storage comes in to save the day. Miramar car storage perfectly sized to fit in the above space of pre-existing standard parking spots, this storage solution gives your renters the option to rent their own on-site storage space without costly construction or installation fees. 

Solve Storage Problems While Providing Security 

One major issue with other storage solutions, such as ones made with wire mesh, is they provide very little security or privacy for the renter’s belongings. Wire mesh is see-through and easily broken into should a thief pass by and see something desirable inside. Above Car storage boxes are secure and private, keeping the renters valuable and sentimental items out of sight and safe from wandering eyes. Having a designated storage area also helps to address the problem of cluttered hallways and patios, sometimes used by tenants to store excess belongings. Keeping your property looking neat and organized gives a better image to potential future renters, visitors, and existing tenants alike. When tenants are given the option to have a safe, private and personal area to store valuables and extra belongings, it can give them peace of mind and make them feel like their landlord cares about the safety of their things. 

The Bradyl Box

Parking space storage is no brand new idea, however, Bradyl Storage Solutions take it to the next level. The Bradyl Box is a free-standing storage box that uses the open air above vehicles in their existing parking spaces, turning usually unusable space into extra income. These boxes stand on adjustable legs that can be elongated to fit all cars and SUVs, and most trucks. They offer 80 cubic feet of storage space and can hold up to 900 pounds. These private storage boxes are made of solid steel, are secure and safe, and built to last over multiple turnovers. They keep your renter’s belongings safe and secure but still close and easily accessible when they need them. 

Tenants Want On-Site Storage

Studies have shown that renters prefer on-site storage solutions over off-site, or no offered extra storage at all. Quickly becoming a top amenity for properties to possess, renters see the value in keeping their belongings in a private and secure location that is still easily accessible when they need it. The Bradyl Box is a one of a kind parking spot storage solution and turns the previously unusable open air above vehicles into potential cash in your pocket. They keep your renters’ belongings safe and secure, and keep your property looking neat and well put together. Bradyl Storage Solutions also offers larger, more traditional style storage units, for those property owners looking to turn unused open space on their property into sleek storage units that help to bring in even more monthly income. Visit Bradyl to get started, and see how truly cost-effective and valuable over car storage could be for your property.