Bacteria and pathogens go through your body through the water that you are drinking. Depending on your area’s water source, your tap’s what you are drinking may not be as safe or healthy as you think.

Moreover, if your tap water is safe for drinking, there’s a chance that you don’t like how it tastes, so you’ll drink bottled water instead. Bottled water may not be economical in the long run, creating a large amount of plastic waste.

So, the best resolve is to have a residential water treatment system from a reputable company, such as Dowdens Pumping and Water Treatment. Owning one as a lot of benefits, so keep on reading if you want to learn more.

Healthier body

The water treatment system can alleviate more than 2,100 types of microorganisms, excessive chlorine, lead, and toxins, which are harmful to your body. For instance, huge amounts of chlorine may cause bladder, rectal, and colon cancers. Lead, on the other hand, causes negative prenatal effects, influenza-like symptoms, and intellectual disabilities. A good water treatment system has a filter that can remove bacteria like cryptosporidium and giardia, which are the major causes of gastrointestinal illness.

Some of these contaminants in your home’s tap may not affect you as an adult. However, babies and small children can get affected as the contaminants can block their immune systems.

Using a home water treatment system can filter out the contaminants without removing the healthy minerals that are helpful to your body.

It saves you money

An average Australian use around 340 liters of water every day. On the other hand, for those living in dry, inland areas, the water usage increases to 800 liters. On top of that, they drink around 1,389 ml of plain water and water from other beverages, such as coffee and tea.

A liter of tap water costs a fraction of a liter of bottled water. So, if you rely on bottled water for your daily consumption, such as drinking and cooking, you are spending more money than you are supposed to if you can use the tap water for your consumption.

Bottled water costs around AU$1.20-AU$4 per liter. This means the upfront expenses of installing a water treatment system at home is still lesser than you would spend on consuming bottled water.

It makes your home-cooked meals taste better

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The taste of the tap water can get into your home-cooked meals. This is why most people who love cooking prefer filtered water’s taste over the tap water’s taste. With that in mind, if you use filtered water on your home-cooked meals, it will contain less contaminants and will taste a lot better.

It saves the environment

About 373 million plastic drinking bottles end up as waste every year in Australia. These bottles go to landfills and the ocean, destroying the environment. By installing a water treatment system, you can use reusable bottles instead of plastic bottles.

These are the benefits of using a water treatment system at home. However, make sure that you get it from reliable companies, like Dowdens Pumping and Water Treatment, to get all the benefits of a high-quality water treatment system.

By consuming water filtered by a reliable treatment system, you are saving your body from harmful contaminants. You can also save a lot of money as well as the environment.