A cosy bedroom with duvet blankets and a nice air conditioning, this is probably the ultimate dream of us all, comfort and luxury. Having an air conditioner is a blessing in disguise on most days, but there are days when it does not seem so lucky after all. Imagine the air conditioning giving up at the dead of summer, it is one of the most annoying occurrences of all and this is exactly when places like Air Conditioning Repairs Canberra come to our rescue. Because the more one lets the AC sit without working, the more it loses its capacity to work effectively.

DIY repair:

Before panicking and deciding to call the repair services, there are some basic things that can be done that might revive the AC back to perfect health. To begin with, there are three things that you can check as soon as you believe that your AC is not working properly, the first one is the furnace filter. Check if the furnace filter is clean then go outside and clean the condenser coils in the backside of the AC. If these airways are clogged that means that less cold air flows through the AC and into the room. So cleaning these would definitely improve the chances of the AC working better. If neither of these help improve the workings of the AC, you can deice the A coil, follow through by switching the fan on and letting it run for 30 minutes, turn the AC back on now and check how it works, If it works properly for the next 12 hours then you might have solved the issue. This is just a basic idea, if the thought of cleaning it yourselves scare you, please go ahead and call the Air Conditioning Repair Canberra, it is a costly equipment so might as well let a professional handle it.


Once the repair is done or after you get a new air conditioning it is important that you give a certain significance to the maintenance of the product. The most important maintenance task is to clean or replace your filters regularly, clogged filters reduce the flow of air hence make sure to clean as and when required. Air conditioners have an evaporator and a condenser coil, which collects diet over a period of time, make sure to get help with cleaning these coils once in a while as they gain dirt and after a point you will be breathing diet and the air flow too would be questionable. It also has a condensate drain that has to be cleared out once in a while, a clogged drain can cause more humidity and provide excess moisture to the air.

In the winter, make sure to cover the air conditioning unit properly as this will prevent dust from entering the equipment. It also does not hurt to get regular maintenance done, hire a professional and let them be your air conditions doctor every once in a while. A well trained professional will fix the system perfectly. It is better to pay the technicians frequently than losing the AC equipment completely.

After a hectic day, with a stressed brain and tired body, if something that calms you, it would be the cool AC air, so make sure to protect and preserve the equipment the best you can.