Creating a feature wall in the bathroom instantly adds charm and character to the space while also allowing you to show off your creative side! Some of the most popular feature wall options include classic subway tiles, stylish mosaics as well as stunning handmade Moroccan styled pieces that will instantly elevate your bathroom design scheme. Each of these exciting options allows for the creation of many different design styles and looks, making them the most popular feature wall tiles to use in a modern bathroom.

Subway Tile Feature Wall

Subway tiles can be used in many different ways to help you create that perfect bathroom feature wall. Thanks to their simple and elegant rectangular shape, they can be laid in an assortment of different styles, from the classic brick bond, to the modern basket weave and herringbone styles to help you create your own perfect look. The grid-like patterning that subway tiles form in the bathroom makes for the perfect feature wall, where contrasting coloured grout can be used to further emphasise the shape and laying pattern of your new wall tiles. You can instead choose to complement or match your tile colour with the grout for a more discreet and less cluttered look which is especially favoured in smaller bathroom layouts for example, where a minimal design is most often desired for a cleaner look.


Caption: Subway tiles can be used in a large variety of ways to create a truly unique feature wall in the bathroom. Their versatility leads to the creation of many different patterns and styles that will easily blend into any design style.

Subway tiles also allow you to experiment with the perception of space in the bathroom thanks to their elongated rectangular shape. As in the example above, laying subway tiles vertically up the wall will add a sense of height to the space while laying them horizontally across the wall will add width to a narrow bathroom design, making them an excellent tool to take advantage of in your next bathroom design project. It is thanks to these amazing and unique qualities that subway tiles have remained a timeless choice over the years in both traditional styled and contemporary interior design schemes alike.

Moroccan Tiles As A Feature Wall

Moroccan tiles boast unique and characteristic patterns, shapes and colours that work together to create a dynamic feature element in the bathroom. Most often used as feature wall tiles instead of as a flooring finish, these collections instantly inject your bathroom design with vivid bursts of both texture and colour to create a stunning visual treat. Handmade tiles feature uneven sides and surface textures, celebrating imperfections to create a distinct surface in any bathroom design.

Caption: The Arabian handmade tile collection creates a highly tactile atmosphere in the bathroom that is a delight to the senses. You will find a vast range of colours, textures and shapes available in handmade Moroccan tile collections, allowing the creation of many different unique styles in your design.

You will find that most decorative Moroccan tile collections are made of ceramic rather than porcelain. Ceramic tiles are often slightly softer and more porous than porcelain tiles, meaning that that will usually require sealing to avoid any potential marking or staining from occurring as a result of liquid spills or splashes in the bathroom. Many of these collections however, are specially glazed with a matt, textured or glossy coating that acts as a waterproof layer, protecting the tile and eliminating the need for regular sealing, making glazed Moroccan tiles a perfect choice for a bathroom feature wall.

Mosaic Bathroom Tiles

Mosaic tiles are available in an enormous range of shapes, sizes and even materials, including natural stone pieces, shimmering glass styles as well as versatile porcelain tiles and 3D effect options to help you create the perfect bathroom feature wall. You will find that mosaic tiles lend themselves exceptionally well to many different styles and more intricate designs as they can be used to tile in tight corners, wrapped over curved surfaces or used as a standalone feature in the space as a means of creating a colourful and textured element.


Caption: Mosaic tiles create a wonderfully textured feature wall that can be as discreet or as colourful as you’d prefer with a vast range of options to choose from. This example uses a natural toned feature mosaic tile to create a wonderfully textured finish while still allowing the bathroom’s modern fittings to take centre stage.

The possibilities in using mosaic tiles in your new bathroom design truly are endless! Depending on which collections or varieties you choose, mosaic tiles can be used in a single colour for a modern look, in mixtures or blends of colours to create a more unique style or, they can even be used to create dramatic murals in your design ranging from bold geometric patterns to custom images such as florals or landscapes for example. An important note to keep in mind is that there will of course, be more grout work involved in laying mosaic tiles. This factor has often been viewed as a drawback, with additional cleaning and maintenance being of concern. With modern grout developments however, this is no longer an issue. Epoxy grouting for example provides a virtually waterproof layer that will not require regular sealing or extra attention, unlike traditional cement based products. Epoxy grout will also assist in drastically reducing the build-up of grime and dirt, leading to an extremely low maintenance finish for the bathroom as all that is need is a simple wipe down to clean.

Creating a feature wall in your bathroom design will create a strong sense of drama in the space, adding a unique and characteristic touch that truly allows you to get creative! There are many ways to achieve the perfect bathroom feature wall with many different options to choose from, from decorative handmade Moroccan style products to ornate mosaics and classic subway tiles.