Even though cowhide rugs and calf hide rugs have plenty of similarities, they aren’t the same. They are all appropriate for different spaces. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about them. 

Calf Hide Rugs

These rugs are made from calf hide. They are, therefore, much smaller than cow hide rugs. They are much softer and can be just as expensive as cowhide rugs. 

Cow Hide Rugs

Cow hide rugs are made from the skin of grown cows. They are large and often not as soft as calf hide rugs. They come in a wide range of shapes, sizes, and colors. 

The Similarities

Since they both come from cows, the rugs have lots of similarities. They come in similar patterns and colors. Their textures are fairly similar especially if they go through the same tanning and treatment. In most cases, however, calf skin is processed to achieve a softer, suppler texture.

The Differences

One of the most obvious differences between these rugs is the size. Since they are made from calves, calf hide rugs are considerably smaller than cow hide rugs. 

The hairs of calf hide rugs are naturally softer than those made from mature cows. When they are young, cows have thinner and softer hair. You will notice the difference when running your hands across them. The quality of the fur makes calf hide rugs are a lot more expensive than cow hide rugs. 

Picking the Right Size Calf Hide Rugs - Homes Decorating

Even though calf hide rugs have fine fur, the quality is not necessarily better than cowhide rugs. Since cowhide rugs are thicker, they are more durable. They can withstand exposure to traffic and do not shed as much as calf hide rugs. 

Calf hide rugs are lighter than cow hide rugs. They may be appropriate for use in spaces that cannot handle a lot of weight. 

Which One Should You Buy

When choosing between cow hide and calf hide rugs, you must consider your needs. If you need a rug for areas that get lots of traffic, calf hide rugs make more sense than cow hide rugs. 

Choose calf hide rugs if you do not mind investing a lot of effort in maintenance. They shed a lot and the leather is more delicate. 

Consider buying a cow hide rug if you wish to cover a large space. Calf hide rugs are appropriate for smaller spaces. 

If cost is an issue, cowhide rugs are more appropriate than calf hide rugs. Calf hide is the luxurious version of cow hide rugs. 

When trying to pick between cow hide and calf hide rugs, you should note that no option is necessarily better than another. Consider important factors like price, durability, and maintenance. 

In conclusion, cow hide and calf hide rugs have lots of similarities. However, they are all appropriate for different needs. If you are looking for high-quality rugs, consider getting them from Hide Rugs. The family-owned and run business has lots of options and amazing customer service. They photograph the rugs individually so you always get exactly what you want.