Rubber matting is largely used as essential safety flooring equipment to better comfort underfoot, provide fatigue relief, prevent slipping and manage the impact. Rubber matting can be put into many different locations, from factories to bars and gyms. This style of matting is widely popular due to its durability, ease of cleaning and long-lasting value. 

These mats are invaluable for workplaces, so if you’re on the fence, here are the advantages of anti-slip mats. 

Types of Anti Slip Mats

There are three main types of anti-slip mats as follows: 

  • Hard rubber: Hard rubber anti-slip mats are durable, but not known for comfort. Best suited for a manufacturing environment. They also come with holes that are designed to keep particles and liquids from remaining on the surface of the mat. 
  • Foam rubber: This style of mat is designed to be more durable than foam mats. They are used in workshops, garages and manufacturing plants. They can come in. interlocking pieces for wider use. 
  • Foam: These mats are often found in homes and are ideal for small stationary tasks in the bathroom, kitchen or laundry. 

The Advantages of Anti-Slip Mats

Increased Safety In Wet Conditions

Certain surfaces, such as tile and laminate, become extremely slippery when wet. Many workplace accidents are caused by slips and falls on wet floors. Having non-slip rubber mats in slip-prone areas can greatly reduce the risk of injury to your workers. As an affordable solution for worker safety, non-slip mats improve traction while limiting moisture. 

Comfort for Tired Feet

Anti-slip mats and non-slip matting roll provide much-needed anti-fatigue properties to your workers, allowing them to be more productive. When you put an anti-slip mat where workers need to stand for long hours, they can provide leg, foot and back support. In addition, they also aid the health issues that can arise from standing on hard surfaces for long periods. 

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Protect for Your Flooring

If you decide to install anti-slip mats, they can also be used to protect your floors.  You will want to extend the longevity of your flooring if you deal with heavy machinery or water damage in some facilities. Perhaps you just want to protect the new flooring you’ve put in. Non-slip mats can provide the protection you are looking for at a reasonable cost.

Recyclable Materials

Once these mats have seen their last days, they don’t need to be thrown away. Anti-slip mats are completely recyclable and can be cut into playground surfaces, landscape coatings or used as rubber crumbs for sporting facilities. Picking a rubber mat for your floors is an environmentally friendly choice. 

Easy to Maintain

In most cases, non-slip mats require minimal maintenance to keep them in use for years to come. Simply wash or wipe away dirt or liquid from the non-slip mat and the mat is ready to continue using. Some non-slip mats are designed to be chemical resistant, so you never have to worry about your non-slip mat being damaged by a chemical spill. With this in mind, you can be aware that non-slip mats are an investment for the future without effort.   

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