If you’re looking for ways to sound-proof your home, you’ve come to the right place. This guide runs through some of the best points to know. They include replacing your doors and windows, sealing up any cracks in your walls, and inserting acoustic tiles/foams. Keep reading to find out more.

Add Plants

If there aren’t many trees in your backyard, change this. The added greenery will not only make your yard look better, but will also act as a sound barrier between your home and the outside environment. When planting trees, go for options with thick leaves and bushes.

Get New Windows

Replacing your windows can help. Always look for options with double-paned glass. They have insulative barriers of air in-between them.

Vinyl and wood also do great jobs at insulation. From the two, we would recommend vinyl. It tends to look better. If you’re in Markham Canadian Choice Windows and Doors has one of the best vinyl selections around.

Of course, the larger the windows are, the more sound they would block out. Keep this in mind if you don’t have to stick to a specific frame size.

Just like you can install sound-proof windows, you can do this with doors too. The material and style that you get is up to you. In case you’re not aware, metal doors are known for their insulation. Canadian Choice Windows and Doors manufacturer can help you out.

Seal Up Windows

Find and close any gaps that are in your walls. Sound can enter and exit out of them otherwise. Don’t just use regular tape and mixture. Use quality caulk so that the gaps you’ve closed wouldn’t re-open. You can do this closing yourself, so that you don’t have to pay extra to hire anyone.

Place Objects against Walls

Although you might not think it, placing furniture against your walls is another trick to try. The best furniture to use would be bookshelves and couches. Picture frame can help as well, if you run out of bulky furniture to use.

Install Acoustic Tiles

You can insert acoustic tiles onto your walls. They are chic and would make your home look modern, while at the same time keep sound out.

The tile color and style that you choose is completely up to you. Go through Pinterest and other image based sites to choose the right tile style.

If you’re not a fan of acoustic tiles, you can go with acoustic foam instead. They do the same job but offer a softer appearance.

Sound Absorbing Paint

Certain paints help with sound insulation. As you can imagine, they are pricier than regular counterparts. You can get them in a number of colors and textures. While at it, go for options that are energy efficient. You would be able to save on your utility bills.

Final Thoughts

Keep these tips in mind if you want to sound insulate your home for the best effects. They will help no matter the size of your house.