Plumbing problems can come in various forms, and sometimes homeowners can fix little things themselves. Still, when a more significant problem arises, they may need some reinforcement in the form of plumbing repair services.

When an untrained person, such as a clueless homeowner, fixes a plumbing problem, they usually only see the immediate problem. In contrast, a professional plumbing repair service can identify the entire issues in the system that can also cause future issues.

There are some distinct signs that homeowners should look out for to know when to call plumbing repair services. As soon as you notice them around your home, call a professional so they can quickly address them to avoid further problems and costs. These signs include:

1. Water Is Slow To Drain

If you notice the water is not draining from the shower or basins, it is usually a sign that you need to call plumbing repair services. Even though products are available to unclog a drain, these aren’t always as effective as having a professional plumber resolve the issue.

2. Low Water Pressure

Many homeowners come home after a long day, looking forward to a nice shower. It would be unfortunate when there is hardly any water pouring from the spout when opening the tap. Some older homes are especially prone to having these issues. And unfortunately, this is not an issue someone without the necessary knowledge can fix. A professional plumber will know how to resolve this common problem.

3. Wastewater Flows Back

Another sign of a blockage somewhere in the plumbing system is wastewater that pushes back into the toilet or drains. There could be deeper underlying issues causing this, and it would be best for a plumber to assess the situation, especially when a foul smell accompanies the backflow.

4. Noisy Drains After Use

Some homeowners report a gurgling or bubbling noise from their drains after use. Many factors can contribute to the weird noises coming from plumbing pipes. So ask a reputable plumber to inspect your drains or pipes so they can pinpoint where the noises could be coming from and fix it.

5. No Water Flowing From Taps

If your home has never experienced low-pressure issues before and suddenly there is no water pouring from the taps, expect that there is a significant issue. Don’t waste your time or do more damage by trying to locate and fix the problem. Instead, call in the professionals.


6. Hot Water Isn’t That Hot

Forget about having hot water in the home if there are any issues with the boiler. Although homeowners can find some checklists online to sort out minor issues, plumbing repairs are the ultimate solution to leakages or other boiler-related problems.

7. If A Pipe Bursts In The Home

Anyone who ever woke up sometime during the night with water spurting and flowing everywhere from a burst pipe will agree that it isn’t the best wake-up call, that’s for sure! Burst pipes require expert techniques from a certified plumber to repair before more water damages the home’s structures.

8. Leaking Washing Machines Or Dishwashers

Washing machines and dishwashers are some of the home appliances that may require a tap and other fittings like a drain pipe to operate. If a plumber doesn’t install these correctly, the home could have a constant leaking tap or faulty drain that could cause damage to the surrounding floor or walls. If you suspect improper installation of your appliances that use plumbing, call a professional plumber to fix it immediately.

9. The Toilet Keeps Running

Almost as annoying, if not more plaguing, as the sound of a dripping tap is the constant flow of water from a toilet that keeps running. In most cases, a plumber can get rid of this annoyance quickly.

10. Dampness In The Basement

Mold, peeling wallpaper or paint, or even pools of standing water are good indicators of a home plumbing issue. Water damage and mold problems can become severe and are sometimes very costly to repair. So before it gets to this point, have a plumbing repair service fix the issues.

Flushing Out The Facts

Homeowners have one partner that can be there for them anytime they need an expert for their water-related issues – a certified plumber. If the home doesn’t have a number on speed dial already, consider finding a reputable plumbing repair service in the area and adding them to the list of emergency numbers.

Plumbing issues don’t always wait for the best day to happen. Sometimes they can even ruin any good day. Still, a knowledgeable repair service provider can give anyone peace of mind with the expert advice and professionalism they provide.