Photo by Peter Herrmann on Unsplash

Moving into a new house may provide you with several challenges. One of them is dealing with a dark room. If you live in a city apartment, chances are you have a room that gets little to no lights. The windows in the room might be too small, or the building opposite yours might block all the natural light coming in. Since it is an apartment and not a home, you cannot construct a new window in the room. However, you can brighten up the space with a few simple tricks. Continue reading to learn valuable tips.

Use A Mirror: One of the easiest ways to double the amount of light in a room is to add a big mirror near the light source. For example, you may have a tiny window in the room that lets little light come in the room. Make sure the mirror placement helps reflects the light to the different parts of the room. Modern mirrors act as a statement piece for your walls and help you brighten up the room.

Modern Lighting Solutions: Small spaces and gloomy rooms need special attention when it comes to lighting. You cannot install harsh lighting sources in small rooms. The harshness of the light can be overpowering. Therefore, add multiple sources of lighting to create a visual art form. You may visit a lighting store and browse to find out different lighting solutions. You will be surprised to see the type of modern lighting available in the store. Be sure to purchase the ones that suit your room the best.

Light Colors: One of the surest ways to brighten up a gloomy room is to have a lighter tone on the walls. You cannot paint the room bright red or dark brown as it will only make the room even darker. Instead, go for light yellow or shades of whites that lets the light shine through. Colors that make the room livelier are always better options for a smaller room.

Transparent Furniture: If you add a lot of furniture in a dark room, it is bound to look and feel stuffy. To avoid being claustrophobic, pick and choose your furniture wisely. Choose transparent glass furniture that looks chic and, at the same time, does not block one’s view. It makes the room look more open and lighter. The furniture does not block the light, which can move around freely, making the room look sunnier. Light color furniture work also good for dark spaces. Consider having beige, gray, or ivory color furniture that makes the room light brighter.

Bright Rug: The dark floors often eat up the light in the room. Therefore, covering the floor with a bright-colored carpet helps reflect the light into the room. The rug will also add softness to the room décor. Same colors such as ivory, white and yellow colored rug will help complement the furniture in the room.

Deep Clean The Windows: You want to get every bit of light coming in from the windows. Therefore, clean the glass of the windows thoroughly. The layer of dust prevents the sunlight from coming in inside the room. You will be surprised to see how brighter your room appears once you implement such changes.