Home is where the garden is; the saying rings true for homeowners with a beautiful garden overlooking their front porch. A garden beautifies your house and increases curb value. Therefore, if you decorate the interior and pay no attention to the house’s exterior, it will showcase your poor taste. Continue reading this article to learn valuable tips on decorating the house exterior.

The Right Color: Have you ever noticed a house and went wow! The color is lovely! When deciding the color, take in the whole picture and not just your own house. For example, look around your neighbor’s homes: what colors are the houses next to yours? You don’t want to stick around like a sore thumb. Similarly, your house should not fade away in the background. Therefore, one should pick a color that complements the adjoining homes and shows the true personality of the homeowners.

The Door: When one passes by your house, they tend to notice your front door. The doors say a lot about the owners of the house. The door can be decorated and personalized according to one’s taste. There are different types of door options available for one to select. For example, one may choose a wooden door, a sliding door, a fiberglass door, or a steel door. Regardless of the door you choose, you must pick the right color that grabs one’s attention the moment they arrive at your house. You can browse through entry door hardware sets online to find the required accessories.

Front Porch: If you have a porch area in front of your house, you struck gold! The spot is yours to decorate and beautify. The space can be used as an outside living room if you install outdoor furniture. In addition, you may add colorful flower plants and pots on the porch to create a sense of openness.

  • Add indoor and outdoor plants to colorful pots and watch them grow. The plants add a charm to your house like nothing else. You can also hand leafy plants on top of the porch area to create a visual delight. Anyone who can see the green from the outside will appreciate the effort that went into making the stunning garden.
  • You may install a few paintings and wall arts on the porch walls to make the space more inviting. Depending on the weather, you may also put down a few pillows on the floors and create a pleasant warm spot to chill out. You can hang out with your friends on the porch or let your kids play there with their friends.

Make A Garden: If you have space for a front garden, you must utilize the same. Plant your favorite flower plants and water them daily. Working in the garden and watching it grow can be quite therapeutic. You can also install a small fountain in the garden space.

White Picket Fence: A fence not only protects your house from outside threats but also does a great job beautifying the house itself. Having a white picket fencing is the cherry on top. When you think of a suburban home in America, you think of white fencing. Therefore, decide the type of fence that goes well with your house and go for it.