A lot of kids do mean a lot of nappies. Having small kids around is indeed a lot of fun. Especially if they are below 4 years of age, cuddling and taking care of them keeps you busy all day. Well, everything is fine unless it comes to changing the diapers! Most of them struggle with the same. Some may find it to be the most disgusting task involved in nurturing the little ones. A dirty diaper if not disposed of at the right time will fill your house with a nasty odor. Even if your place is neat and clean, this unpleasant smell overrides it all. Maintaining the cleanliness of your house is entirely your responsibility. Hence make it a practice to perform house cleaning on your own or reach out to experts who provide routine-based house cleaning services and do not deviate from the schedule. There are a lot of toddlers on the Sunshine Coast and so most of the homes will be crowded with a large number of diapers. Getting away from the bad odor is not difficult if you deal with it immediately. Never prolong the disposal of the dirt-filled nappies. Dome may be wondering how to eradicate this ugly smell permanently. Diaper genie smells too can be eliminated if you strictly follow the instructions given below.

Immediate disposal is the first rule when it comes to eliminating diaper smells. If you do not take sudden action and store the dirty nappies for a long time, the foul smell will spread around the entire house within a short period. Do not wait for the trash can to be filled up for dumping the waste. If you are a busy person and you cannot manage the clean-up of your house all alone, make sure to contact the house cleaning experts without wasting much time. By doing this the freshness of your house will be preserved in a stress-free manner and also does not utilize much of your energy and time. No matter how bustling your life is, never lay down the beauty and cleanliness of your house. Flushing out the nappy is the least preferred option because sometimes drainage clogging may happen and this may pile up your work. It is advisable to wrap the diaper in a bag and keep it behind your house to prevent the bad odor from taking control of your space

  • Make use of a Separate Plastic Bag or Dustbin for Dumping the Nappy

Refrain from mixing up the diaper waste along with the usual house garbage. If you do so, there are chances for the mess to increase. Make sure to keep a specific plastic bag for this purpose and avoid throwing it out without proper treatment. Who will want to notice the sight of randomly scattered ugly nappies all-around your space? Either use a plastic bag or make use of a separate trash can to store the used diapers. This will help you hold back the smell from entering your space. Avoid placing the bags or dustbins within your surroundings. It will be better if you place the waste somewhere outdoors.

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  • Practice Using Zipper Lock Bags for a Hassle-Free Disposal

Ziplock bags are a great solution for systematic diaper disposal. Throwing it out without getting the proper sealing done is not a wise thought. Make sure you tightly wrap the dirty nappies in a zipper bag and then dump it in the concerned trash can.

  • Give the Magical Cleaning Agent, Baking Soda a Try

Baking soda is an amazing cleaning agent and almost all homes are equipped with at least a can of the same. If you still do not have a packet of baking soda, do not delay in getting it from the nearby store as it is a great all-purpose cleaning hack. It brings out a solution to almost all the troubles like pesky stains, dirt on the carpet, and whatnot! Just imagine, the smell of a nasty diaper can also be eliminated using this mystical solution! Though it is always good to use a diaper pail or a diaper genie, the clean-up of the same is not always easy. Keeping them away from the foul odor can be challenging for many, but do not worry. Place a few pinches of baking soda powder on all the inserts of the pails and hence the smell will no longer be an issue. Even if the pail is closed, the odor can be kept away for a certain period.

  • Essential Oils or Deodorants can Come to Your Rescue

Usage of essential oils or deodorants will help you get rid of the smell to a great extent. The ugly odor can be taken care of by taking a few drops of the oil or deodorant on tissue paper and placing it below the pail or genie. This will protect your storage bag and will sustain its freshness for a long time. Make sure you clean the pail frequently to not compromise the necessary hygiene.