Rugs are the ideal complement to every area, and they have the ability to breathe new life into a space that otherwise might look drab. However, as someone who is now in the process of selecting a new rug to serve as the main point of my living room, I am all too familiar with the challenges of finding the ideal one. Simply said, choosing the proper rug may make or break a room’s overall design plan.

Not to mention the fact that rugs for sale in the UK are not inexpensive – but they should not be when they are regarded in such high regard. It even gets difficult when you have to choose it online.

For the sake of making that tough decision easier, experts have developed an extensive list of the most popular carpets, almost as though by magic. Based on the popularity of each style on Instagram — in order to give some much-needed inspiration.

1. Persian Rugs

A traditional rug design with a subtle pattern that is not overbearing. ‘Persian rugs are among the most popular and distinctive rugs available on the market today. Furthermore, they are quite adaptable in terms of both appearance and pricing. The extremely detailed designs, which are created by rug craftsmen in Iran, are excellent as conversation pieces. The colours can, on the other hand, be toned down for a more modest but equally exquisite aesthetic.

Our Styling Tip: Patterned rugs, such as Persians, are fantastic in high-traffic places such as living rooms since they wear in a delightfully subtle manner.

2. Moroccan Rugs

This sort of rug, which is traditionally handwoven in Morocco, was initially created for utility purposes. Western society, on the other hand, has begun to take note of and enjoy the beautiful colours and patterns. These rugs, which include bold designs and daring colours, are sure to give your area that additional pop of personality.

Our Styling Tip: Moroccan rugs may also be used as wall hangings, allowing the carpets to be seen in their entirety.

3. Kilim Rugs

A Kilim rug, with its distinctive patterns and textures, is the ideal focal point for any room. Due to the fact that they are relatively easy to clean, kilim rugs are ideal for high-traffic areas. Furthermore, most Kilim carpets are reversible, making them an excellent choice for busy households.

Our Styling Tip: When it comes to busy rugs like Kilims, harmonising the rug’s colour to the surrounding furniture is critical to make it look like it belongs.

4. Oriental Rugs

Despite the fact that Oriental rugs are sometimes lumped together with Persian rugs, not all Oriental rugs are Persian rugs. A real Oriental rug will only be made of wool, with silk and other materials used as accents on occasion. This collection of rugs is filled with exquisitely complex designs that are the ideal embodiment of professional craftsmanship.

Our Styling Tip: To create a seamless décor, try mixing intricate rugs with neutrals or with other accent colours in the space to create a cohesive look.

5. Berber Rugs

In recent years, the simple Berber rug has experienced a meteoric rise in popularity. Any space will benefit from the softness of this textured, opulent kind of carpeting beneath your feet. This traditional rug, which has its origins in North Africa, is full of character and earthy tones. Berber carpets with a rich pile give the utmost in softness and thickness, while contemporary Berber rugs sometimes incorporate geometric designs and styles.

Our Styling Tip: Using Berber rugs in conjunction with earth tones such as terracotta may create a rustic and earthy atmosphere.

6. Runner Rugs

A runner is the unsung hero of the contemporary hallway. It is possible to use this style of long thin rug for both utilitarian and decorative purposes. To use in hallways, pathways, or in front of the sink to catch spills, simply place it on the floor.

Our Styling Tip: This sort of rug is best used in hallways as a runway rug in order to give the appearance of direction while also opening up the area

7. Faux Fur Rugs

Real fur rugs are becoming increasingly rare because of their lack of vegan credentials; synthetic fur rugs, on the other hand, are becoming increasingly fashionable. Adding faux fur rugs to a room during the winter months elevates the level of luxury in the space.

Our Styling Tip: Fur rugs look their best when they are the focal point of the space, rather than being overpowered by other pieces of furniture. It’s best to preserve this rug in locations with less foot activity in order to keep it looking full and new.

8. Shag Rugs

Shag rugs have a dense pile that gives them their textured look as well as their high level of comfort. Shag rugs were extremely popular during the 1960s and 1970s and continue to be a highly sought-after rug now as well. The main disadvantage of using a shag rug is the difficulty in cleaning it after it has been used.

Our Styling Tip: When placing furniture on this rug, make sure that you use furniture coasters to prevent the pile from being flattened.

9. Overdyed Rugs

Overdyed rugs are created by bleaching and dying rugs in order to produce brilliant colours. It’s a terrific method to bring new life to old rugs and to liven up a space in general.

Our Styling Tip: Overdyed rugs are a terrific way to update antique Oriental rugs while also changing up colour palettes.

10. Woven Rugs

Woven rugs are an excellent addition to any area, since they can completely transform the décor in an instant. Because of its rustic and casual appearance, the braided rug is a highly popular component of the farmhouse style home design.

Our Styling Tip: Using woven rugs to pile on top of one another for an easy effect.