Porches have been a part of architecture for a very long time. It is the front part of the entrance that helps in giving the building a low front. They are always outside the main walls of a building. There are small porches that specifically cover the entrance area in front of the door. Big ones are present beyond the entrance area in order to cover a big area under them. They come in many varieties like sleeping porch, screened in porch, rain porch, etc.

In the early civilization, very little evidence has been found about the use of such structures in front of the houses. The Egyptian wall paintings have shown that in some houses porches were made in the front part of the house. The architects in the Romanian period made long colonnades which are used as porches. This type of structure became popular as time went by. The French used to make high vaulted structures in front of the entrances with architectural significance in France.

Practical Purposes of Having a Porch

  • When someone comes to your house, the porch is the first thing the guests see.
  • It adds a significant amount of aesthetic value to your house
  • It is used as a shelter from bad weather like heavy rain, wind, and snowfall.

Types of Porches

Open Porch

These are fully open from all sides as suggested by the name. It has only a deck or slab as a base while the top comes from the part of the roof.

Back Porch

Just changing the place where they are built naturally, you can have a very private space behind the house to use as any means. It can be further modified accordingly.

Screened Porch

This is built like a structure extended near the front part of the house. These are covered with window screens, the screens protect the area from insects, debris, and other unwanted objects that may enter the area. This increases the space that can be used for living purposes in a better way rather than being just a structure in front of the entrance. These are built like pole barns, the screens were added after the whole structure is completed. A design prior to actually making it prevents the difficulties while integrating the screened porch to the house. Some owners use the screened porch as a living room and add furniture like chairs, sofa, decorations, table, etc.

Sleeping Porch

This type was built to have a semi-outdoor sleeping area. It can be an open porch or a screened one with windows to open. It can have beds, chairs, electricity, and other necessities installed on the sleeping type.

Rain Porch

Rain porch comes with an extended roof supported by pillars to cover a large area in front of the entrance. These are made huge to avoid the splashes of rain falling over while using it.


This style was first built in India and are usually large areas that cover the whole facade of the house. They are used daily for sitting, sleeping, and having an afternoon conversation. They are also used to store objects from sun exposure.

Porches give the houses a great look and are very popular, the variety of porches can create a little confusion but choosing the best type for your house should not be a hard task.