There are so many uses for projectors, they make a fantastic little addition to any home, particularly for families and couples, or even if you love to have friends over regularly for entertaining. We have pieced together some great uses for projectors in your home, so thank us later!

A projector is a fantastic way to enhance images to a large scale, whilst delivering a cinematic experience with the cost per inch being less than a television. Additionally, they’re easy to install and storage isn’t a concern as they’re compact and easily tucked away in a safe spot. You’ve got plenty of wiggle room with a projector with endless opportunities to use it at home and outside, from choosing how big you want your screen to be to setting the Christmas scene in your home with a winter wonderland projected across your living space.

Home Cinema

We’ll start with the obvious, a home cinema. Imagine watching your favourite Hollywood blockbuster in the comfort of your own home and on the big screen. Get your snacks ready, it’s time for the ultimate movie night. Forget paying the cinema prices, you’ve got one in your own home. Projectors work perfectly on a blank wall in your home, whether this is outside or inside, however if you want to take it to the next level, you can pair your projector with a suitable screen to view your film on.

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Setting the Scene

Whether it’s Christmas or Halloween, you can really set the scene here with a projector. If you’re throwing a killer Halloween party, you can add special FX to your décor with a bloody scene that needs no clean up afterwards. If you’re setting the scene at Christmas, you can feature a snowy winter wonderland or a beautiful log burning fire on a cold winter’s night.

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Music Light Shows

Jazz up your parties by downloading light software that responds to the beat of a song, putting on your very own laser light show as you party the night away. This really creates a fantastic effect for your parties, forget going to the nightclubs, the nightclub now comes to you!

Video Games

Take your gaming to the big screen with a projector, perfect for going head-to-head with your friends on the perfect night in. Gone are the days of struggling to see your portion of the screen when going head-to-head with your friends. Gaming with a projector is perfect for spectator video games, or sport, you can really get a sense of the live action in the comfort of your own home.


Using your projector is great for entertainment purposes, if you’re having guests over for dinner you can use your projector to display beautiful images. If you’ve been on a great trip or simply want a trip down memory lane, using your giant screen to show off your pictures is a real audience pleaser. If you have a hot tub, you can take the projector outside and display videos of tropical fish or the ocean whilst enjoying a warm evening soak and a lovely refreshing drink.