When you consider outdoor curtains, it is vital to choose the most appropriate fabric to ensure optimum quality and durability. You can find many choices in outdoor curtain fabrics. For example, one best option is polypropylene fabric, a dry pigmented fabric that is easy to clean, UV resistant, and may not cost you much. There are a lot of different fabric choices when it comes to polypropylene or Olefin fabric. So, you may not have to limit your curtains design expertise while choosing the appropriate material.

Olefin Fabric

Olefin fabric is also popularly known as polypropylene which was in use from the 1960s. It came out as a byproduct of oil and natural gas production. This is a synthetic fabric that is pigment-dyed and can ensure that the color will remain stable for a long. This material is also fully UV resistant. Olefin fabric will also dry quickly when wet, and the color does not easily fade even if you install it under direct sunlight. This is the fiber of choice for carpeting of marine vessels as it is highly UV resistant and weatherproof. All these properties make Olefin an ideal outdoor curtain fabric to consider.

Acrylic Curtain Fabric

Acrylic is also a popular fabric, which can perform well as outdoor curtains. Acrylic has also become very popular with leading brands like Sunbrella etc. Acrylic offers a wide assortment of colors and also patterns as solids and stripes. Acrylic is popular for building static charge, acting as a magnet for pet hair and small dust particles. Acrylic is also well known for its durability as outdoor curtains. There are many budget-friendly options in acrylic for you to choose from.

Polyester Fabric

Polyester and blends of polyester are another most common choice in terms of outdoor curtain materials. This is much cheaper than various other curtain options. However, it is highly susceptible to discoloration and may get easily damaged. If you do not mind changing the cartons every year or two, you can choose polyester, which will be highly budget-friendly.

Fabrics to Avoid as Outdoor Curtains

Canvas and Cotton

Canvas and cotton fabric materials may absorb a lot of water and may not dry down quickly. Cotton will be of high risk as outdoor curtains as it may develop mildew and mold. It is also best to fix a fabric that can dry quickly and be fully water-resistant. So synthetic is the best option for outdoor curtains.

Indoor Fabrics

While choosing outdoor curtains, you should avoid all types of indoor fabric. This is because indoor fabric material is not made with the same materials and quality as outdoor fabric. Outdoor is meant to withstand any deterioration caused by UV rays, whereas indoor fabric plants may not have UV resistance properties. Also, make sure that you ask the retailer and ensure that the fabric is ideal for outdoor use before buying.

It is recommended that you do thorough research online to find the best outdoor materials and do a proper evaluation by comparing those to identify your best possible outdoor curtain material.