Pool heating is a convenient way of keeping the water in your swimming pool even during winter. This means an extended swimming session after the summer season. There are several types of pool heaters available in the market today. These are electric heaters, gas pool heaters, and solar pool heaters. Among the three, gas pool heating and solar pool heating are the most popular in Australia. But which do you think is better – solar pool heaters or gas pool heaters? Let’s compare.

What are Solar Pool Heaters?

Solar pool heaters use the thermal energy coming from the sun to warm the water in your swimming pool. Solar panels are mounted on the roof of your house to collect thermal energy. These solar collectors look like PV panels but they have tubes inside where pool water can circulate. Water from the pool is filtered and pumped on the solar panels. They were heated inside the tubes and the warm water pump back into the pool. 

The foremost benefit of a solar pool heater is its free and sustainable energy source – the sun. After setting them up in your home, you no longer need to worry about electricity or gas bills. They also operate at a low-cost. A solar pool heating system only costs less than $100 per year compared to gas pool heating which can cost thousands of dollars. You can also readily use the pool as you wish. There is no need to preheat the water as it is constantly warm while the sun is up. Plus, they have a longer life span of 15 to 20 years. What’s best, solar pool heaters are environment friendly. They don’t emit any pollutants that can harm the atmosphere.

There are also downsides to solar pool heating. They may not be as efficient during the nighttime or when the sun is not shining. It may take several days for them to initially heat the pool water once the power of the sun is back. The initial cost for installing a solar pool heater is more expensive than the initial cost of installing an electric or a gas pool heater. Solar pool heating costs around $3,500 to $.7000 to set up compared to $2,000 to $4,000 on electric or gas pool heating.

What are Gas Pool Heaters?

Gas pool heaters use natural gas or propane to warm the water in your swimming pool. A water pump filter and circulates the pool water into the gas heater to transfer the heat produced into the water. Gas pool heaters have combustion chambers powered by fuel. These chambers burn the fuel and turn them into heat that warms the water that passes through it.

Gas-fired pool heaters are the most common type of pool heating system used globally. Their foremost advantage is that they heat the pool faster. Depending on its BTU, they can heat pool water within 8 to 14 hours. Gas pool heaters also have a low-cost initial setup compared to solar pool heaters. They are also efficient in heating pool water regardless of the air temperature.

One downside of gas pool heating is its operating cost. Fuel commonly commands a high price in the market and can make you spend a hefty amount of money every month. A gas pool heater also has a shorter life span compared to a solar pool heater. They typically last between 5 to 7 years 

Solar Pool Heaters vs Gas Pool Heaters – Which Is Better?

Gas pool heating is typically better than solar pool heating. This is because they are not affected by the air temperature and weather. They may cost more to operate and have a shorter lifespan. But, they are still the most convenient type of pool heating among modern homes.