Plants as decor are the best choice when considering ways to brighten and make your home space more cheerful and calming. Various types of plants are known for their benefits to human and the atmosphere around. Other than the benefited aspects of plants, they are also the best way to spruce up your home with these indoor plant picks. Plants have an attractive and unique design element and bring greenery you feel into the interior of a home.

Indoor House plant Tips for Beginners

1. Lighting

Before going green and including interior plants as part of your home décor it is essential to understand the lighting conditions within the building. The lighting of a home depends on the directions of the windows. In houses with low lighting, the plant picks should be low maintenance plants such as air plants and dried flowers. Other plants also require low sunny windows to access bright light.

2. Space

The amount of space available is very important when choosing a plant. Since plants grow to different levels, the room should be able to support their height and size. For smaller spaces, hanging plants and floor pot plants should be considered since they do not require much space. Baby plants with long leaves and thick stems can be suitable for such spaces.

3. Limitations

Starting as a new plant parent can be challenging since plants require care and maintenance. Beginners should consider starting with plant types that are low maintenance and require less attention. Some of the plant types can stay unattended to and remain healthy.

4. Pro-propagation

Propagation refers to the replacement of an old plant by a new-born plant. This method is used by plant parents to add to their collection of plants. Propagated stems are popped and potted in narrowly confined vases.

Types and Categories of Plant Picks for Indoor Spaces

Low Maintenance Plants

Examples of plants that thrive even with limited attention include.

  • ZZ Plant
  • Ruby Rubber Tree
  • Red Anthurium Flaming Flower

Examples of plants suitable for small spaces include:

  • Polka dot plant
  • Nerve plant
  • Braided money tree
  • Ponytail palm plant

Best indoor hanging plants:

These types of plants are used to decorate home spaces without taking up any square space and can be well positions to avoid any obstruction of light. Examples include.

  • Boston Fern hanging plant.
  • Philodendron Basil hanging basket.

Suitable propagation plants:

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These plants normally have offspring that can be planted and increase the number of available species in space. Examples include.

  • Hanging Spider plant
  • Potted Pothos plant
  • Grown-up instant collection plants.

Floor plants:

These plants can be a bit massive in size and add texture to space. Examples include.

  • Benjamin Money Tree
  • Fiddle Leaf Fig
  • Bird of Paradise


There are different types of plants that can suit different types of spaces within a home. The setting of a home should not deter any plant lover from keeping and parenting a plant. It is important to consider all the conditions within the home space before choosing a plant. The level of experience and expertise in caring and maintenance of plants also dictates the type of plant selection. With the right type of plant that favors your home space and conditions, you can achieve an appealing and pleasing home décor with indoor home plants.