Electricity is one of the high-paying bills any human being could have. Now that most people stay indoors due to the threat of COVID-19 globally, energy consumption increased drastically. There’s no wonder why people feel more stressed than ever since the pandemic posed some great challenges, together with the sudden increase in utilities people need to survive.

Now that the pandemic has hit various places on Earth, the main question lies in “how can we save energy during this time of crisis? Is it even possible?” The answer to that is yes! Proper assessing and monitoring of our energy consumption could help put a decrease in paying bills and somehow help us be more conscious in taking care of the Earth.

Save your pockets from the unnecessary energy consumption you unconsciously know about. Build positive habit improvements that you could carry with you until the future. Using energy providers that can customize your price like Eligo Energy should be one of your options. Other than that, here are tips and tricks on saving up on energy bills during this pandemic.

Take it Easy with the Heat

When the cold season comes, most people turn their heating on to help create a warmer atmosphere. But, don’t you know that heating is the largest energy-consuming appliance at home? If it’s turned on for a long period, there would be a great likelihood of an increased bill.

If the cold weather is still bearable, wearing jackets and staying under cozy blankets may help you less energy consumption. Also, isn’t it the best part of cooler weather to enjoy feeling warm in bed? If not, then you can try turning down your thermostat, especially when no one is around your home. You’ll be surprised with the decrease in your electric bill in no time.

Lastly, if you run a business and your energy bills contribute to most of your profit, try installing timers on your heaters. You could also opt-in replacing your old heaters with energy-efficient systems that would work wonders.

Allow Natural Light to Come In

What’s a better source of light than the sun, right? It helps people save money on their bills, but the sunlight is a mood-booster and a natural heat source. When the sun rises, turn off your lighting at home and open up your windows. In this way, you could also breathe fresh air. Sunlight is free and wouldn’t cost you even a dollar to pay for it.

Turn to LED Lightings

If you use incandescent bulbs at home, then that might be causing an increase in your energy consumption. Instead, turn into LED lights as they consume less electricity and are much safer and cooler, which reduces any risk of burnt fingers or even combustion.

LED lights are highly energy-efficient technology and what makes it special is that it is free from all kinds of harsh chemicals. Also, they do not emit any UV rays and a hundred percent recyclable. So, what’s your reason for not turning into this environment-friendly lighting?

Change Some of Your Habits

If you cannot commit to buying new lightings or shift to an energy-efficient appliance, changing your habits might reduce your energy consumption. First, go back to your basics of what the elderly have taught their children “when it’s not in use, turn it off.” This goes the same as electricity.

If there are no people in a room, unplug all electrical sockets and turn off the lights. Most people know that this is very helpful, especially in your monetary savings. It does not only help you save energy, but it also saves you from any accidents that may happen.

Another good habit to acquire is defrosting your refrigerator regularly. When the refrigerator compressor has nothing much to do, it leaves you with lowered energy consumption and more storage space inside.

Make Use of Your Home Appliances Wisely

When you have dishes to clean, wouldn’t it be best to run it full load than to do it simultaneously by batch? In this way, you would only use it once, making all your dishes clean. Also, turn off any extra options in your appliances that you don’t necessarily need, as this could add up to your electricity consumption.

Other high-energy-consuming appliances are washing machines. To lessen your electricity consumption, use cold water when washing your clothes than hot water since it would require heating your water in that case beforehand.

Additionally, instead of using dryers, you could try hanging your clothes overnight for them to dry, and there’s no energy used at all. In this way, the dryer wouldn’t need to generate much heat to dry your clothes.

In a Nutshell

Energy usage at home is unavoidable, especially when you stay most of the time at home, like now during the pandemic. But, there are numerous ways to reduce your energy consumption during these trying times.

It could go from simple habit changes and commitment to replacing old appliances, and some would require both. Thus, the information stated above is some tricks you could do to save up money during the pandemic. Remember, saving energy also saves you money.