Doing 40 minutes of exercise 2-3 times a week is a great way of burning calories, building muscles, keeping fit, and boosting your metabolism. However, with our busy schedule, we might lack time for going to the gym. In such cases, considering having a small personal gym in the commodity of our home might be a good idea. In the long run, this is a way to cut costs and save time, and in addition, having some home gym essentials will give you the freedom to exercise whenever you want.

Start With the Exercise Area

Having to transfer a part of our house or an apartment to an exercise area and equip it with complicated machines might not be easy. Therefore, you have to stick with the most practical solutions and focus only on home gym essentials that will fit your workout routine. Home gyms are most often organized in the basements, garages, or, in ideal cases, in the extra room of the apartment. Even 15 square meters will be more than enough space to do a complete workout and store the necessary props.

Deciding on the Home Gym Essentials that will Satisfy your Exercise Goals

There are a couple of things to consider before deciding on props for a personal gym. You should ask yourself first, what exercise goals do you want to achieve?

When it comes to gaining strength and maintaining fitness there is not much of a dilemma about the equipment to use. However, you need to choose what would suit you best. Usually, there are three focus groups of exercise:

  • Cardio exercises and fitness
  • Muscle power training
  • Basic recreation to stay fit

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Even though these groups of body exercises have different focuses when it comes to equipment and workout, that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be combined in order to make a perfect home exercise routine. The idea is to activate your whole body in order to have the best results.

The Floor Adjustment

The very first step would be putting a protective surface on the floor, and the best and most cost-effective solution to buy rubber floor coverings. That way, you won’t have to stress about ruining the floors by dropping weight or damaging the surfaces. And also, with a protective rubber layer, you can maintain hygiene easily.

Exercise Mat – Home Gym Essential Prop

From stretching and yoga to push-ups and strength training – you always need a mat to exercise. Since this is a prop that has a wide application, it is important to choose a quality and durable product. The exercise mat is suitable for working out at home or for fitness classes, and routine exercises that require lying on the floor.

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Jump rope – the Best Cardio Performance

Whether you want to lose extra pounds or just keep fit, a jump rope is a great way to do cardio training, without the need for expensive equipment or a lot of space. A jump rope activates the legwork, buttocks, shoulders, joints, calves, and forearms. And the additional benefits of this training are improving balance, skills, coordination, burning calories, cardio level, and endurance.

Dumbbells – Sculpturing Muscle Tone

Dumbbells are used for training all muscle groups and circuit training. They improve your muscle tone and help with body shaping. With this prop, you can easily shape arm muscles and strengthen your shoulders. But also, dumbbells will improve your abdominal workouts, and you can also use them for a range of butt and leg exercises.

Kettlebell – Burning Down Calories Easy

Working out with a kettlebell will help you burn a lot of calories in a short time. Kettlebells are used in sports within fitness training, but also with recreational athletes who want to improve their functional abilities and increase strength, explosiveness, endurance and coordination. Therefore, using kettlebell to build muscle is one of the best ways to workout.

Person Holding Red Kettle Bell

Resistance Bands – Flexibility and Mobility!

The elastic band can be used in all segments of training: from the development of mobility, strengthening the core muscles, activation, to building up strength and explosiveness. Therefore, this prop is excellent for improving flexibility and strengthening torso stabilizer muscles. But also, it gives you an additional resistance in load-bearing or load-reducing exercises. Since this prop is very simple and easy to use, you can take it with you everywhere.

The pilates ball – Great for the Core Workout

With pilates ball you can perform countless exercises to stretch and strengthen the whole body. On the ball, you can do over 40 exercises to strengthen different muscle groups. By strengthening the core muscles, you improve the general posture of the body, the stability of the torso, the strength of the abdominal and lower back muscles. These muscles guard the lumbar spine which is particularly susceptible to injury and pain.

Foam Roller – Massage is Very Important 

The foam roller provides countless useful exercises for developing strength and balance and shaping and massaging the whole body. Many people underestimate the power of a good massage as an equally important part of training and progress. With a foam roller, you can massage absolutely all muscle groups, from the calves to the neck. Therefore, it’s a great idea to put it in your exercise routine, as part of a dynamic warm-up, or as part of a stretch at the end of your workout. With just 5 minutes of rolling before each workout, you will have a significant improvement in your training results.

All this equipment does not require any special experience and knowledge, so everyone can use it. With these home gym essentials, you will gain fitness, lose weight, get rid of stress and have fun. And in time, you can upgrade your personal gym more, if you have the possibility and need for it.

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Don’t Forget the Diet!

Dedicating time to exercise will lead to many positive changes in our life. Not only will you look and feel better, but also you will be improving the quality of living. We might not realize that when we’re young, but our lifestyle changes after turning 30, and we have to adjust to every influencing factor, especially when it comes to a healthy diet. Without a diet that follows your training and adequate rest, you won’t be able to develop your full potential. Therefore, it’s important not to neglect these very important elements that influence our general well-being.