For some reason, when most people turn 30, there is a switch that flips in their brain that suddenly changes their awareness of health, lifestyle, and happiness. From age 20 to 30, many individuals work on finding out who they are and what they believe. Once they understand themselves, many take a good look at their life and make some difficult changes. Here are the top six reported life alterations.

1. Exercise

As your metabolism begins to slow down around age 30, you may feel sluggish and out of sorts. A short burst of exercise each day can counter those feelings. In fact, exercise can help you stay in shape, fill your body with mood-boosting hormones, and keep your weight under control.

2. Smoking

For those that smoke cigarettes, a change is often in the air. Some people quit the habit, and others take up vaping to replace the cigs. If you want to transition instead of quitting, check out online sites like SmokingThings for help in flavor choices and pen styles.

3. Diet

You may find yourself cooking at home more, eating healthier, and staying away from sugar once you reach your 30th birthday. Whether you cook for yourself or a whole houseful of people, the food will be better for you and much tastier.

4. Relationships

At around 30, people begin to think about finding a long-term relationship and creating a family. The deep connection you can develop through trusting another can help you grow mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. You may also find discussions take on a deeper meaning, and that means you get to know someone much more quickly than you did on a superficial date during your twenties.

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5. Health

Shortly after your 30th birthday, you may find yourself going to the doctor. By establishing a health baseline, you can better understand the chemical and hormonal changes your body may experience as you age. Many doctors consider this type of testing as an essential part of a necessary health plan.

6. Family

If you want children, you will find yourself seriously considering your future and how those children may fit into the life you have created around age 30. You may need to move, upgrade your income, save for baby items – and a myriad of other child-related expenses.

When you turn 30, you will not just be experiencing another birthday. Instead, you will be changing the course of your life as you make alterations in the way you experience each day. From diet to family to exercise, the choice of the life changes you make are yours alone. Enjoy!