Toilet InstallationApart from the fact that the compactness of mini excavators allow them to be used in exceedingly tight spaces and on surfaces that are not able to withstand the weight of larger excavators that may damage the ground (gentle ground such those that have been landscaped), these machines actually have a wide variety of other uses.

This includes basic excavating jobs such as digging for a variety of purposes or even demolishing smaller structures such as a shed or wall and also removing the subsequent debris quickly and neatly. For instance if at all you decide to build a swimming pool in your backyard, digging a hole in the ground is something that is inevitable and to do this hiring 10 adult workers who would make a mess and take longer or hiring a standard excavators that might damage everything else is out of the question. It is for jobs such as these where a mini excavator come in very handy.

Standard excavators although can be used are most likely to create more problems on residential grounds than you would expect as their enormous weight could potentially damage underground pipes and cables. On the other hand a mini excavators would be able to do the same job without making too much of a racket (as most are quite quiet) and are ‘easy’ on soft ground and are able to move with ease in tight spaces which renders them as the more effective machine for the job compared to their larger counterparts. In addition, a combination of excavator and mini dumper rental makes projects even easier, as all soil, rock and demolition debris can be moved easily using a mini dumper.

Another factor that often makes these mini excavators a favourite among project managers for smaller jobs is the fact that these machines are so compact that they can be easily loaded onto the back of a standard utility truck enabling their transfer between sites easy and cost effective. However, it is important to fist ensure that the trailer or utility truck that are used to transport these mini excavators are able to withstand the weight of the mini excavator to make sure that no untoward incidents take place during the transporting.

Those who own both standard excavators and mini excavators will often vouch for the fact that mini excavators last much longer than standard excavators. This is mainly because these mini excavators are burden with work that is less intense. They are however as ‘equipped’ as their larger counterparts but only smaller in scale for example the standard bucket size of a mini excavator could range anywhere from 12 to 24 inches and just like their larger cousins are capable of having attachments rigged to them depending on the make and model of the mini excavator as some are more versatile than others.

Mini excavators are also readily available for hire or on rental basis which makes them very practical for ‘one off’ short term projects. The fact is that an excavator hire rental directly replaces a bunch of workers is definitely a cost effective and efficient decision cannot be denied. These excavators on rental are able to deliver almost 8 times higher output than a dozen men in a single day at 30 % of the cost and keep projects on schedule much more effectively.