Garage Door Service

Usually, people who only recently installed a garage door are wondering: Do garage doors really need servicing? Long story short: Yes, they do. The garage door is a big and complicated mechanism with a huge number of small elements. To work as it should this entire system needs regular maintenance.

People use their garage door at least twice a day. No wonder if the system that works so often needs a regular service. And regular garage door service will help your door to live and work longer.

Can I Service My Garage Door Myself?

You can take care of your garage door yourself, but some services need professional help anyway. For example, it can be hard to lubricate a garage door if you’ve never done it before. Fixing the garage door tension can be even dangerous and may cause an injury. So, if you’re not sure about your ability to service a garage door yourself, then better call Up and Down Garage Doors and get great garage door service.

However, you can do a lot of helpful things by yourself without special training. Let’s figure out what exactly you can do.

DIY: Garage Door Maintenance

Regular garage door repairs could be very expensive. The new garage door installation is even more expensive. So it’s worthwhile to find time once a month and check if everything is alright.

The most important thing you can do is the regular check-ups:

  • Regularly check the springs, cables and rollers for broken parts, signs of wear, etc. Problems with spring tension can be dangerous not only for the garage door but also for the people who use it. And also it can be dangerous to try to repair it without proper tools, skills, and experience. In case you’ve spotted something unusual about your garage door springs, call Up and Down Garage Doors, the company that provides a full list of garage door services.
  • Wash your door at least twice a month to get rid of dirt and salt. Use soft sponge and warm water and avoid cleaning supplies that are not suited for the material your garage door is made of.
  • Clean the tracks with paper towels or dump rugs. You can use a vacuum with extension to clean hard to reach areas.
  • Test the automatic opener once a month. Put an object under the door while it closes (it can be a broomstick, for example). If the door works properly, it will reopen or stop immediately. If the door does not stop, then it can be dangerous for you, your relatives, and your property. Better to stop using its automatic function and call a garage door service.

24-Hour Garage Door Service

Sometimes the garage door owners find themselves in a situation when an emergency garage door service is necessary. We recommend not to wait until morning and call in professionals. You always can find a local company that provides 24-hour garage door service. Take a look on Up and Down Garage Doors, their list of garage door services includes 24-hour service.

How to Choose the Right Garage Door Company?

The first thing people consider while looking for a garage door service is the price. How much does a garage door service cost? You can read the customers reviews to figure out the company’s pricing policy. But the more important thing you should pay attention to is the company’s list of services. Find out if they provide general garage door maintenance and 24-hour service. The last but not least important feature of a perfect garage door service company is their location. It’s better to find the company in your location, probably even in your neighborhood to be sure that it won’t take them long to reach you. The price of garage door service also depends on the path the technician spends to reach your home.