Plumbing is an area every homeowner is likely to admit its necessity and not a luxury. And to some, they undergo panic mode whenever things stop functioning at home. Your home may be new, or you just moved in, but with time issues of leaky faucets, clogged drains, water heater problems, toilet overflow, and low water pressure will become normal.

Every issue is unique and requires a different approach from the other. Seeking help from G&C Plumbing and Heating can save you from unexpected plumbing hassles. Because you may not realize how much you need the services until issues start appearing. But when you know a plumbing service to run to whenever such issues arise, it becomes easier to deal with the plumbing problems as they come.

Low Water Pressure

It can be annoying to have low water pressure at your home. It can take forever to finish simple tasks such as washing dishes, taking a shower, watering your outdoor plants, and much more. Low water pressure may appear like you are not using a lot of water but significantly increases water usage through your daily home chores.

Low water pressure can result from several things; however, it is possible to resolve the issue. Some homes are designed with two water supply valves, a customer valve normally located around your water meter box, and a home valve located outside your house at the hose faucet at the entrance. In case any of these valves are shifted from the “on” position, it can affect the water pressure.

If your water pipes have some leaks, they can lead to low water pressure. It’s not easy to identify whether your pipes are leaking, but a practical approach is to turn off all the taps for quite some time and recheck the reading on your meter. If you find the usage to have gone up, it’s most likely there’s a leak. To stop further leakage, call a professional plumber to fix the problem.

Clogged Drains and Toilets

It is easy to identify clogging drains when taking a shower or empty a sink. The toilet can show when flushing, and instead of carrying the waste away, the water swells up together with the waste and may overflow in some cases. Unblocking the drain can restore your toilet, sink, and shower back to normal with do-it-yourself if the case is not serious. But extreme cases, you need to contact a licensed plumber to clear the drainage completely to allow the normal flow.

Your clogged drain is mostly caused by items that enter the pipes. They keep accumulating, and items such as hair, your soap, plastic lid, and other dissolvable waste find their way through your toilet. Some may not happen willingly, but it’s good to take care by preventing dissolvable waste from getting flushed down the toilet or kids throwing items in your absence. Calling a plumber can quickly restore your clogged drain because they have the tools and expertise to know exactly where there is a problem.

Water Heater Problems

It can be annoying having to wake up in the morning, and upon turning on the shower, you are hit with cold water. Things can go wrong with the water heater, and though there’s a way to troubleshoot, a professional plumber can fix the heater to make it safe for you to use.

Most water heater issues are caused by leaks or lack of enough water. Another culprit is mineral deposits that can create your heater’s proper functioning. They can easily affect the supply of hot water to your home by minimizing the efficiency. Normally mineral deposits are caused by heating and exploding of scale that build-up after heating elements.

The only way to keep your water heater functioning effectively is by regularly checking the most sensitive areas, such as pressure valve, leaks, and cleansing the tank to flush sediments out. You need to call an experienced plumber to deal with extensive repairs and other areas in sensitive cases.

Running Toilet

Toilet plumbing can appear in many forms, and dealing with a running toilet is the most disgusting situation you can deal with in your home. Your toilet may work normally but consistently keeps running, wastes lots of water, and has annoying sounds.

Running toilet is caused when the inner side fails to function properly. The running toilet may be affected by the flapper valve when it fails to fit as it should. Additional issues could be a leak, loose-fill tube, or imbalanced float. If, after inspecting your toilet components and realizes they are not repairable, ask a plumber to replace a new one to let the toilet function better.

How to Handle Your Plumbing Repairs

Planning to repair any plumbing issues in your home may save you money, but make sure they are minor cases unless you end up spending more money. Here are simple tips you can use if you plan to fix some plumbing issues that occur in your home:

  • Deal with the situation if you sure you can fully fix it without adding more damage
  • Have plumbing clothes to wear, because the work can get messy
  • When dealing with water pipes, ensure to shut the main water supply to avoid flooding your home
  • Carry with all the tools you require for a particular job as it can be frustrating to start working on something only to realize you need something extra. So, prepare your tools needed to fix a plumbing issue
  • Even when you plan to work on a plumbing problem at home, be ready to call a plumbing service to intervene if the plumbing situation overwhelms you.


Plumbing issues may arise when you least expect them. It is good always to be prepared when something unexpected happens at home. Plumbing issues require you have a professional you can trust with your home issues whenever a need arises. The best way to handle plumbing issues is to schedule regular maintenance, which may save you money, stress, and inconveniences.