For many pet parents, the thought of your little loved one having fleas brings a constant strain to the mind. These parasites drain blood from pets and can easily become a huge nuisance. Besides depending on your little ones, they can also bite you as the homeowner. They reside well in carpets, and if you have an old one, it would probably be wise to consider carpet removal.

Fleas can be a daunting task to deal with, and most homeowners try to avoid this hustle. It gets to a point where you feel like they’ll still be coming back even when you deal with them. And when you’ve tried removing them from your carpet to no avail, then it would make sense organizing a carpet removal project. But here’s how you can do to get rid of them:

Steam Clean Carpet and Furniture

Steam cleaning is normally effective for stubborn pests such as fleas. If you don’t have a steam cleaner, worry not, as you can rent one from a local home cleaning company or the grocery store.

Follow all of the instructions regarding using a steam cleaner, and if you can’t get the manual, search online. The extreme temperatures that a steam cleaner emits will destroy the eggs and adult fleas within no time.

Vacuum Clean the Carpet Thoroughly

When we say thorough we mean it here. This is not your ordinary cleanup where you’re done in a few minutes. Take your time and be clinical when vacuum cleaning. Start from one end of the room and vacuum in strips. This ensures that you don’t skip any part.

Pay close attention to the baseboards and corners, as these are the most forgotten places that could harbor fleas. Also, don’t forget to clean under the pieces of furniture. Generally, remember all humid, dark, and hidden areas when cleaning. If possible, dedicate an entire day or half a day to complete the job with dedication.

Put more emphasis on the places where your pets spend the most time. And when the infestation is so heavy, then consider vacuuming every single day for about a week or so. If this still fails to eradicate the fleas, then you might have to organize a carpet removal project.

Apply a Pet-safe Insecticide to the Carpet

Get an indoor insecticide you can use comfortably even when your pets are around. Check on anyone in the house with allergies and ensure that they stay away for a while. Insecticides could easily trigger their allergic reactions, thus, you need to be on the lookout.

The downside of using insecticides though is that you may manage to eradicate the adults, but not the eggs. And when they do hatch, you have the same problem once again. However, you can combine the process with vacuum cleaning, as this may help significantly with clearing the eggs.

Use Salt or Borax All Over the Carpet

This is a more natural way of dealing with fleas on your carpet. Focus on the parts of the carpet that your pets love to spend their time on. Also, apply the two near doorways and baseboards. You can also apply them under furniture if you feel that there may be a chance your pet goes down there.

For borax, allow it to settle on the carpet fibers overnight before you can vacuum clean it the next day. However, salt needs about a day or two to work. Therefore, leave it for an average of 48 hours before vacuum cleaning. If worse comes to worst and still there’s no change, contact the carpet removal company. A word of caution is to never allow your pet to go to the areas with these substances until you vacuum clean.

Give your Pet a Bath Regularly

If you really love your carpet and want to prevent premature carpet removal, then bathe your pets regularly. This helps them stay free of the fleas and avoid transferring them to the carpet. Sometimes, they are the ones bringing fleas to your home. And when the fleas accumulate beyond control, you’ll be forced to plan a carpet removal project.

For starters, get the right detergents that won’t be harsh to the pets. Visit your local pet shop in case you’re not sure of what to buy. Do this regularly and you might just have solved the big problem.

Consider Carpet Removal as the Last Resort

Going the carpet removal way is sometimes inevitable. And is a solution that could eradicate the fleas permanently. In case all of the other methods fail to work, then you can opt for carpet removal.

Get pros to come and haul away the carpet this time around, as you don’t want any of them spreading all over the house, do you?

Final Thoughts

As you can see above, those are some of the tips you can use to ward off fleas from your home. If everything fails, however, opt for carpet removal.