What could be more yuck-inducing then finding a dead roach in your office space or inside your house? The answer is pretty simple. It is something far more dangerous and bad. That is to find a dead rat.

Needless to say it is a horrifying sight to come across a disgusting dead rat in your vicinity. We must always be hopeful that you might never have to experience this first hand personally in your apartment or your office space. In case even if you do then you must learn how to handle this situation effortlessly, without any problems and posing less threat to you and your family as well as staff.

What Kind of Rats Do You Have the possibility To Come Across?

There are mainly 3 kinds of rats that are most commonly found in office spaces as well as inside the houses. Let us have a quick look at them.

The Norway or Common Sewer Rats

Street rats, brown rats and sewer rats as well as wharf rat are some of the many names of this rodent, which can grow up to a whopping 10 inches long and weighs approximately about a pound. These rats have the habit of making their way inside the houses wherever the human beings are living and they have the propensity of preferring urban areas to find themselves a home.

Pack rat

Since they love to snag shiny objects and take them away back into there nest, that is the reason why they have got this name. They are also called trade rats funnily because they sometimes have the habit of dropping their food while they are carrying there “prized treasures” back home. About 8 inches long, which does not include their tails, pack rats range in colours from brown to cinnamon to grey and to even buff.

Roof Rat

Commonly known as black rats, these roof rats have the ability to grow as long as 11.50 inches in the body length and 10 inches more for the tail. Weighing up to one pound, these so called black rats also come in the shades of greys and browns. Fall and winter are the specific seasons where you might encounter roof rats much more in comparison to other seasons of the year and they generally come out when their natural outdoor food sources have become exhausted as reported by a rodent removal company.

How to Remove the Dead Rats

Various kinds of rodents and rats could transmit deadly, dangerous ailments, whether you come in contact with them directly or indirectly, as reported by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention or CDC. If you try to get rid of a rat’s dead body, you put yourself up to the risk of harming yourself by becoming ill. So it is the best option for you to contact a professional dead rat removal service brisbane company for rodent control who will be able to handle the situations in a professional and safer way.

But knowing the health hazards that are involved in the process, if you are still insistent in doing it yourself rather than calling a company for Mouse Removal services Brisbane then here are some of the ways how you could do it properly.

According to the CDC you must be armed with these basic equipment to dispose off a dead rat.

  • A respirator or dust filter mask
  • Protective gloves and clothing
  • A trash bag
  • A plastic bag

Ask a professional rodent exterminator near me and he will tell you that you must put on your protective gear and the mask and then safely transfer the rat into the plastic bag, trying to have a minimal contact with your body and keeping your hands far off from your face and then seal it as tightly as possible.

You must then put the bag into a completely separate trash bag followed by tying it tightly. For many, this step might appear to be an overkill. However it is important to understand that it is far better to be safe than to be sorry.  Throwing off the rat into your outdoor trash bin might also work in certain places. However you have to keep in mind that in some cities, they have stringent rules about disposing off dead animals and so the above mentioned step would not be possible in those places. First call a company dealing with mouse removal near me or the public animal control service of your city and ensure whether it is alright to put a rat inside a dumpster or for pick up of curb side.

Having said that, these rodents are exactly very considerate to pass away inside open areas where it will be easier for you to spot them. When you notice a decaying smell of a rats dead body in your attic or inside your walls and even inside air vents, it might be too late and the body might have been infested by other pest like ants by that time. Calling up a dead rat removal service near me immediately who are far better in locating the source of smell and successfully removing it is your best available option at that point of time.