Wholesalers set a number on the wholesale price of their products and sell them at a discount. Wholesalers who sell products at a discount on the purchase price or cost price earn the release. The wholesale business is a business that makes more money than retail.

The sellers make a profit on the discounted wholesale products they buy from wholesalers. It is a profitable business to buy wholesale products at a discount and sell them at the desired price.

Sellers who make sales by putting a profit on production cost, import and purchase price make a profit by selling the products they buy from wholesalers to the final consumers. The reason for this is the advantage of putting a profit on the purchase price and the advantage of selling wholesale products at the desired price, as we have just mentioned.


The wholesale sector also benefits from the possibilities of technology like all other sectors. The biggest innovation in this regard is the use of the internet. Internet, which was previously used for personal purposes, is now widely used in all areas of trade. Especially for the last five years, the internet has been at the center of commerce. Because the backbone of trade is the ability to communicate and communicate quickly and act quickly. With the development of logistics services in the same way, the internet has become a must in the wholesale sector today. However, the internet offers a great advantage in this regard in the wholesale sector. Displaying the products, explaining the features, showing the prices and supporting all these with photographs, videos and other visual elements brings labor, time and cost advantages to wholesale companies. Wholesale companies gain the opportunity to reach buyers not only in our country but all over the world with their websites. The searches of the companies that will buy wholesale clothing products for wholesale companies will give them the opportunity to choose and compare in a wide range.