Decorating your dream home can be very exciting and burdensome at the same time. As your living room is the first place anyone will look at, deciding the perfect interior design can put you in a tough spot. After setting up the room with the right decor pieces and furniture, it can be difficult to pinpoint what looks off. So, to avoid making any costly mistakes, here are some common blunders homeowners end up making with their living room design.

Having The Showroom Look

It is easy to end up purchasing matching furniture without realising it. Thus, you give your home a showroom look that sells decor pieces in sets. This can also happen when you shop from a single retailer in town which is much more convenient. To have an interesting interior design, it is crucial to mix and match some furniture elements that blend with the vibe of your living room. You also get to add a personal touch to enhance the style of the room that says more about you!

Choosing Aesthetics Over Function

It is possible to find every piece of furnishing to be chic and beautiful. But not all of them will match your living room design or be comfortable to use. So, picking items that don’t suit the function or comfort level you are looking for can end up costing you. Hence, avoid overlooking the purpose of a decor piece and understand if it is durable and matches the features you want.

Ignoring The Inflow Of People

While designing your living room and the placement of furniture, you need to consider the approximate number of people you might have over. Putting decor pieces in awkward places and making difficult walking routes can end up being very inconvenient. As it’s your living room, it will house numerous people, right from family gathering to guests and colleagues. So, ensure your interior design is well-thought and functional for a relaxing time at your home!

Getting Unmatched Furniture

Okay, so maybe a rocking-chair is fun, and an egg chair looks stylish, but does it really blend? Getting unmatched furnishings can affect the theme you have chosen for the room and make it look out of place. You could have got it for a lesser price, but your careful design plan might go in vain. So, avoid making such mistakes and try picking something that blends with the style and colour palette of your living room. You will definitely get it right!

Being Indecisive About Seating

Having enough seating for everyone is key for any living room design. But can it translate to having too much? Striking a balance between the different types of seating you need can help with having a symmetrical look. But purchasing one too many chairs to accommodate family and guests can make the space seem overwhelming and cluttered. If you don’t host many people in your home, then you can just buy adequate seating for the family without having to worry about extras.

Overpacking The Shelves

Cupboards and shelves can be a life-saver in storing items and also highlighting some accessories. But one thing homeowners ignore is overpacking it. You might put all your books, collectables, CDs, files, and more, in the open shelve space, giving it a crowded look. A solution to this can be getting cupboards with closed cabinet and open shelve design. This way you can hide away things that don’t really suit the living room style and put the right accessories on display. You could also get smaller cabinets and place it in separate sections of the room!

With this, you can dodge some common mistakes that most people make and style your living room like a professional!