If you are someone who loves to create a great first impression and exhibit the professionalism of your company, you are sure to keep your office premises clean and shinning. The clients, contact and the colleagues will not live a messy, dirty, dusty and cluttered place for the business, right?

Keeping the office clean, especially the hidden corners are sometimes overlooked and ignoring proper cleaning of the entire space in the office result in making it messy and cluttered. It slowly becomes the habit and to slip into a rut which could result in a negative impression on the clients and unhealthy environment for the staffs working there. pristine

Hence keeping the office clean by investing some time and money on office cleaning by professionals on regular basis is critical. Along with it, keep a checklist to observe each cleaning aspects closely and address them appropriately to ensure a clean and safe environment for everyone.

The Smell Of The Office Environment

The smell is one of the sensitive senses. It can create or break the impression of the office environment. It creates a lasting judgement in the clients and visitors mind that they form about your office space. Ensure to keep the office smell great by using the best air fresheners and flowers, or avoiding having lunch and food at the desk. Clean any mess immediately before it stinks the space.

Dusting The Equipment

There would be several types of equipment in your office including the computer, furniture, printers, scanner and more. All the equipment can get dusty very quickly. Take a close took of all the equipment and clean them regularly to ensure a neat fresh look to the room and keep away the allergens from your staffs.

Glass Surfaces

Glass surfaces such as the window panels are easy to accumulate the greasy fingerprints that would make it look untidy and make it unhealthy. Ensure to clean the glass surfaces such as windows, glass top coffee tables and other surfaces using the appropriate glass cleaner solution to keep it shinning clean.

Floor Carpet

Traffic on the office floor carpet would be high and hence, would need a regular deep cleaning to keep it looking good. Even the coffee dropped on the carpet would create a messy look.

Ensure that the carpet is regularly vacuumed for dust and dirt removal, and washed regularly to keep it smelling good and cleaner for the healthy working environment.


Clear the waste in the dustbins regularly. Overflowing bins create a chaotic workplace and unwelcoming for visitors. Clean desk, uncluttered space, and the cleared dustbin give a professional and well-organised feel for the office.

Skirting Boards

Another easily overlook space in the office is the skirting board that attracts more dust and dirt quickly. Pay attention to the cleaning of the skirting board regularly by wiping it down as a part of the cleaning routine.

Cobweb Cleaning

Cobwebs are difficult to notice and ensure to make an effort to check all corners and the entire ceiling for cobweb accumulation. Pay some extra attention to the corners as it is the places where spiders tend to make their webs more. Spiders webs can affect the overall look and feel of the office.

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