Most mechanical devices and equipment benefit from periodic maintenance and service to ensure smooth performance and enhanced longevity. This is particularly applicable to furnaces, which have various features and components that can wear over time or result in dangerous situations.

During the summer, your furnace generally sits idle. As the summer months come to a close, this is the perfect time to inspect and prepare the furnace for the coming winter months. With an annual service and tune-up before it is needed, the furnace will be set up to provide ultimate comfort during the winter months without any kind of interruptions. Additionally, regular tune-ups and service also help prevent unexpected breakdowns and avoid expensive furnace repair service.

What Is Included In Furnace Service

When searching for “furnace repair service near me,” you’ll discover companies that provide furnace service, maintenance, and tune-ups. Once set up, a professional performing the service will come to your residence and provide a thorough check of the system. Some of the things which will be covered in the furnace service are:

  • Inspection of the Air Filters in the Home – Dirty air filters will restrict the flow of air in the home, whether from the furnace or from the air conditioner. During service, the professional will check the air filters and ensure that there is no accumulation of dirt and dust that will impede airflow. If required, the air filters need to be replaced.
  • Checking the Vent System – Often, a technician will find airflow blockages and/or leaks in the vent system. These deficiencies decrease efficiency and lead to discomfort in the home as well as increased utility bills. If problems are found in the vent system, the specialist can advise you of the best solution.
  • Lubrication of All Movable Parts in the Furnace – The technician will ensure that all the moving parts in the furnace are well lubricated. Lubrication helps reduce friction and long term damage as parts wear prematurely. These inefficiencies also lead to increased energy consumption and higher bills.
  • Inspection of the Heat Exchanger – The heat exchanger is a vital part of the furnace. Over the life of your furnace, it is important to monitor the heat exchanger for cracks and separations or any form of corrosion. When a heat exchanger is damaged, it leads to the escape of carbon monoxide, an odorless but lethal gas.

What Is Done During A Furnace Service?

  • Testing & Calibration of the Thermostat – The technician will ensure that the thermostat is calibrated accurately. This process ensures that the furnace responds to your settings accurately so the home remains comfortable. Additionally, this calibration prevents overheating and regulates the temperature properly to reduce electric bills.
  • Checking the Blower – Professionals servicing the furnace will check the blower on the furnace thoroughly and clean its various components. The blower wheel will be removed and checked for dirt, dust, and debris. The blower access door should also have a tight seal. The professional will perform an amp-draw test on the blower motor, and check the results against the listed specifications of the furnace. This tune-up of the blower and its components significantly extends their expected life by reducing wear and tear.
  • Checking the Safety Controls – The professional will test the safety controls of the furnace, particularly the high limit control to prevent overheating and risk of fire.

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