Christmas is just around the corner and with the festive season well and truly in full swing, there’s no better time to get your home ‘Christmas ready’. You might be an Instagram Pro or just getting started but our top tips will help you to be ready, whenever the perfect photo opportunity arises.

Maybe you have a to-do list of all those household jobs you’ve yet to accomplish, or maybe your home looks pretty much the same as it did this time last year and you’re tired of it. Well, now is the time to get all those unfinished jobs done before the year is out! Plus, who doesn’t want a pristine home in preparation for Christmas?

Decorative Touches

Be brave and play around with colours. Deep, warm colours help a home feel automatically festive. You don’t need to get the paintbrush out, simply add a throw or a couple of cushions and you’re all set.

Candles are another great way to continue this effort for instant cosiness. Those warming winter scents and that flickering glow – your home will look and feel decked out for Christmas in no time. If you ask us, candles are the key when it comes to decorating your home for festive spirit.

This approach works perfect for just about any room in the house. Finishing touches can change the whole aura and atmosphere.


If you’re looking for a fix that won’t go out of season after Christmas, lighting is key. Let the natural light through during the day and keep that cosy vibe when the sunsets with fairy lights or lamps. If you’re connected to a smart-energy system, even better! Your lights will update to reflect your movements in just a few clicks.

Letting in some of that natural light can really help during this time of year. If you’re thinking of some renovations, have a look at versatile venetian blinds. These wooden ones (faux or real) are ideal all year round. Soft colours such as beige, white, cream and grey will match easily with any other home décor theme.

Whether it’s bringing some of the outdoors in, cooking up some treats or making your home feel comfy and cosy with some much-needed renovations. It’s easy to get ready for the festive season this year.