When it comes to decorating for Christmas, the indoors usually get garnished with lights, color, metallics, and artificial greenery, while the outdoors are limited to lights and a wreath. Sure, it is easy to hang lights on your window and add a life-sized Santa Claus statue on your front porch to tell everyone you’ve decorated. But wouldn’t it be interesting to embellish your garden, patio, and porch to make your home more fitting for the season?

Here are seven Christmas decoration ideas you can do for your outdoors.

Decorate Your Front Porch

Make your home more welcoming by decorating your front porch. Add a wreath on your front door, a garland to frame your entrance, and a few plants with Christmas decor on your entryway. Your guests will be delighted to enter your home after seeing its joyful entrance.

Adorn Your Mailbox

Show your mailbox some love by putting a few branches of evergreen or holly, and some ribbons around the box. If your mailbox has a post, decorate it with a garland. Your decorated mailbox will make you feel more excited about receiving parcels and Christmas letters from loved ones.

Place Lights Around Your Greenery

Now that your Christmas tree is decorated and lit in your living room, it’s time to garnish your greenery. Put Christmas lights and baubles on your potted shrubs, hedges, and trees. Your garden will look as elegant and cheerful as the amenity area of Tivoli Garden Residences. Likewise, your garden will be Christmas-ready for your family barbecue dinner.

Use Fake Snow

Dreaming of white Christmas but don’t have snow in your area? Fake snow is your best friend. Sprinkle artificial snow on your lawn, hedges, benches, and stairs to mimic the snowy outdoors of many Western homes. If you have multiple Christmas trees, put them outside and sprinkle fake snow around them to create a winter wonderland in your backyard.

Make Holiday Planters

Arrange ferns, poinsettia flowers, and evergreens in a planter or flower box to create plant decorations for your porch stairs or outside your front and back doors. Dress them up with cones, Christmas lights, ornaments, a few twigs, candles, and holly berries. Sprinkle some fake snow to mimic winter.

Create a Christmas Fairy Garden


Level up your fairy garden-making skills by creating a Christmas fairy garden. Assemble plants such as poinsettia flowers, ferns, ivy, holly, spruce, and even rosemary with Christmas-themed fairy garden decorations. Place your fairy garden in glass bowls, old dough bowls, and large planters made of wood or stone.

Use Garlands

Garlands are some of the most accessible holiday decorations you can get. Place them on your window sill, on the rails of your porch stairs, and around the pillars of your house. If you live in a condo or apartment unit, create a Christmas tree shape on your balcony window using your garland. You’ll decorate your home in an instant while also saving space.

As a whole, your home’s outdoor area should look as dazzling and sparkly as the indoors for the holidays. Through these seven helpful steps, your family and friends will surely remember your home as the one decked with boughs of holly to make the season jolly.