Many landlords purchase old, decrepit properties and turn them into thriving pieces of commercial real estate. Landlords who wish to try this method must consider the following factors.


When considering a potential property purchase, landlords such as Steven Taylor Taylor Equities should have a clear idea of what they will use the building for. For example, they should know if they want to rent the space to medical professionals or if they will create single-family apartments. Having a specific purpose in mind allows landlords to calculate how much money they will need to spend on upgrades and installations. It also lets them decide if the property will suit its intended purpose. A building with no elevator and no ramp access will not work well for a medical park since people who need physical therapy will struggle to get into the building.

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Laws govern almost every sector of the economy, including real estate. Certain areas have laws governing redevelopment, especially if a location is known for its historic buildings. Other towns and cities prohibit commercial real estate in specific neighborhoods. Landlords should check these laws before they inspect a property so that they do not waste their time on a property that they cannot use.


Before looking for new properties, landlords should get an accurate picture of their finances. An accountant is helpful for understanding how working capital, debt and investments combine to create an individual’s budget. New landlords are often tempted to buy the property with the cheapest listing price. However, such prices are usually low because the property is in poor condition. Landlords should consider the overall price of the property and their own budget restrictions before making an offer.

Purchasing and remodeling older properties lets landlords be creative and use their problem-solving skills. They can set themselves up for success by knowing their purpose, the relevant laws and their budget before looking at potential purchases.