Summers are usually the time when many among us look to revamp and redo certain parts of their home to give them a more pleasant and cool ambience which can serve as an escape from the heat outside. Whether it is about giving a complete makeover to the bedroom or changing the setting in the living room, there are many ways in which people like to freshen up the look of their living spaces.

One of the most common things to do in this regard is redoing the living room. If you are also among those people wanting to change the décor of their living rooms, then this list of tips from Temporary Wall NYC will definitely help. Read on to learn how you can benefit from these and make your living space more inviting and exciting during the long summer months.

1)      Consider a Combination of Subtlety and Brightness

People tend to go for brighter colors in the summers. The norm is that the brighter it is, the better it will look. While that is fine, it never hurts to experiment, especially when the result is visually and aesthetically pleasing.

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So, we suggest that you go for a mix of soothing and bright colors in your living room. Follow this especially while picking the curtains and sofas for the room. This will give a great vibe to the whole area.

The general theory in colors is that blue, green, and lavender tend to be colors that invoke feelings of relaxation. Since your living room is the place where you will most probably look to unwind after a long day at work (unless you head straight to bed), it should be a place that will help you recuperate and recharge your batteries.

2)      Keep It Simple

The best designs and décor patterns are always those that are kept simple with a touch of elegance and sophistication. Keep this in mind when styling the living room. Do not go for elaborate furniture or design heavy curtains, rugs, carpets, etc. A nice and simple décor will work wonders both for your mood as well as the ambience around the place.

3)      Partition Walls

If you are looking to add an extra section or two in your living room where you can keep set up a kitchenette or your own little bar, then try doing that with the help of a temporary pressurized wall.

The best quality and designs of such temporary partitions are prepared by Temporary Wall NYC. Do not forget to check out their catalogue. You will surely find a wall that suits your style and needs.

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4)      Furniture Size

The size of the furniture you select should always be in proportion to the size of your living room. Giant sofas and massive curtains will not only make your living room cramped, they will also look totally out of place. In the same way, small furniture in relatively bigger rooms will look off.

Since you will be spending a fair bit of time in your living room when you are at home, therefore, it is important to take the ease of movement into account when selecting the furniture and other décor options.

These were some important tips that can help you style and revamp your living room to make it more comfortable and appealing during the summers. Do you have any unique methods that you prefer to follow when designing the interior of your home? Let us know at here