Are you unable to keep your belongings in the basement due to compact space? Is your basement too high for you to walk conveniently? Is it impossible for you to consider it as a living space? If you are experiencing issues of limited space in your basement, do not think about buying a new property, but consider basement lowering!

Buying a new house is costly. You will have to undergo the trouble of selling your current house at the best possible price and then look around for another one at reasonable rates. Instead of spending your energy and time on finding a new place, you can make your current house larger. How is it possible?

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Basement Lowering – The Perfect Solution To Enhance Your Space Related Issues

Basement lowering is a technique that helps lower the flooring of your basement and boosts its height. Hence, allowing you to have a more comfortable and larger living space. There are various other benefits of basement lowering in Toronto such as:

  • Strengthens the structure
  • Provides you with an opportunity to add floors to your house
  • Rectify structural issues
  • Allows you to use your basement for rental purposes

How Does It Work?

Basement lowering can be achieved via different techniques:

  • Underpinning

It is a complex method that involves excavating sections of the earth under the footing of your house. Once the earth is removed, concrete blocks are placed. As the concrete part dries, adjoining sections are detached and then the same technique is followed.

As all sections finish, the spare earth is removed and a new layer of the concrete floor is added.

  • Bench-Footing

Bench-footing is about excavation around the structure and not under it. After the soil has been excavated, new foundation walls are built. This helps create a bench-like structure between the actual foundation and its new floor.

How Do You Pick The Best Basement Lowering Technique For Your House?

Below are some beneficial tips that can help you pick the best basement lowering technique for your house.

Strengthening The Foundation

If the foundations of your house are not strong, it is recommended for you to circumvent excavation under the footing. If excavation is done under a fragile foundation, there are high chances that it will fall down. Hence, the bench-footing method will work well in such a situation.

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Soil Type

If the soil around your house is not stable, it is not a sensible decision to disturb it at all. In such a condition, excavating under the footing can lead to further damage to the foundation and ruin it all. Bench-footing option works best here!

Space Aspect

Bench-footing reduces the area footage area of your basement. It is mainly because the bench-like structures take up all the space. So, if you are considering basement lowering methods that ensures zero decrease in the area, then underpinning is the best option to consider.