R22 refrigerant is being phased out and this refrigerant is not good for the environment. R22 has been shown to deplete the ozone layer and it also emits greenhouse gases. Manufacturing has stopped on this gas but many AC units still use this refrigerant so you need to know how to work with it. Once these older units are no longer in service you are going to want to upgrade to a more modern unit that doesn’t use R22. Read on to learn what the top alternative refrigerants to R22 are.

Now that R22 is being phased out it is important to use another refrigerant that is going to work better and be safer for the environment. R22 is not only expensive but it is also bad for the environment and it is restricted. In 2020 R22 cannot be manufactured or imported and the price is going to be astronomical so it will not be financially feasible for people to repair their older and broken units. They will need to upgrade their AC systems to a new unit that is going to be more efficient and easier to use.

Once your AC system begins to leak refrigerant you are going to have to decide what you want to do. The best solution is to replace the entire unit instead of trying to fix it. When you replace the unit it is going to result in a lower cost over time since the unit is going to be more efficient. The air quality is going to be better with a new unit and the air is also going to be colder. The AC unit is going to run much better and it is going last for a longer time.

A new unit is going to save your clients money on their utility bills since the R22 alternatives are more efficient. No one wants to pay to replace their entire AC unit, but sometimes this is the best alternative and is going to be the best thing to do. Repairing a leak on an old unit is easy but the financial pain comes when it is time to refill the unit with refrigerant. This could cost the average consumer over 1,200 just to refill their AC units and that figure does not include labor.

The best solution for people who have R22 units is to replace their unit with an R410A AC system. R410A is better for the environment and it doesn’t produce a lot of greenhouse gases. R410A  works a lot better than R22 and the AC unit is going to be more efficient with this type of refrigerant. It is also safer since R22 can be flammable if it isn’t handled properly.

When you are using a new refrigerant like M099 or R410A you are going to need a new unit or you will have to retrofit the old unit but this can be just as expensive. The best alternative is to invest in a brand new unit if your old unit starts to falter. Some clients are going to want to have their systems retrofitted instead of replaced so it important that your technicians know how to do this safely.

An AC retrofit is going to be cheaper and it is a feasible alternative when you are working with an AC system that doesn’t have a refrigerant charge. This can also work when you are working with an AC system that needs a component replaced. Some customers might have systems that are functioning perfectly but they are environmentally conscious and they don’t want R22 in their home and would like it replaced with R410A.

Some customers prefer a retrofit for financial reasons and some AC units can’t even be converted to R410A so these customers will have to have their system retrofitted. If you are performing a retrofit you might want to use MO99. With M099 refrigerant you do not have to perform an oil change or remove the compressor. The pressure is similar to R22 as well. M099 will not deplete the ozone and it will extend the life of the AC system.

Another worthy replacement for R22 is R407C. It has a competitive price point and it is better for the environment. If you are doing a retrofit you need to make sure that the customer is aware that doing one is going to void the warranty on their system. You should only upgrade refrigerant on units that are out of warranty. The customer might not be aware of this fact and it is very important that they know this so they don’t risk voiding their warranty.

R22 is being phased out and it is important to use a refrigerant that is safe and isn’t going to cause environmental problems. It is better for the consumer to upgrade their AC system if it is failing. You need to know how to take care of your system properly so you don’t have problems and you need to research the different types of refrigerant so you can use the one that is going to work best for your situation.

The right refrigerant is going to be easy to use and it is also going to be effective. Your clients can save money by using the best refrigerant and it is going to be a lot easier for them to get the results they are looking for. Protecting the environment is important and it is also important to use products that are going to help save the environment.

AC systems use a lot of refrigerant so it makes sense that you use a system that is going to be effective and work the best for your needs. A good system is going to work better and it will be cheaper for your clients over the long haul. Whether you retrofit their failing system or install a new one, you are going to want to make sure that you use a refrigerant that is stable, efficient, and doesn’t produce greenhouse gasses or deplete the ozone layer.