Over the past couple of years, working from home has become the new standard in the workplace, particularly for people in office jobs who can do their work from pretty much anywhere with a computer and an internet connection. Working from home has had lots of benefits for many people, including additional flexibility, less stress, and the option to save money on gas and work lunches to name a few.

However, if you only have a small space available in your home to set up as a home office, it can become frustrating. Keep reading for some tips and tricks to help you turn your small room into a functional, productive home office space where you can get work done.

Corner Desk

A corner desk is a great idea if you want to make the most of a small home office space. You’ll get more desk space without taking up the whole length or width of the room, by making use of the corner. Workstation Laptops at Lenovo.com easily fit onto one side of the corner desk and you can use the other side for a printer, tablet, second monitor or anything else you use for working without things getting cluttered, messy, and out of hand.

Light Paint Colors

If you’re in the process of redecorating a small room in your home to become a home office, then consider painting in light, airy colors that will open up the space and make it look and feel bigger. While it’ll only help to create the illusion of more space rather than actually giving you more room, you at least will not find yourself feeling cramped and boxed in while you are working. Brilliant white is a great choice, or go for a softer off-white, or a calming light blue or green color to help you focus.

22 small home office ideas – ways to work in a tiny space | Real Homes

Wall Shelves

When it comes to storage in your small home office, bulky filing cabinets and bookcases are probably out of the question. Instead, take advantage of the vertical space within the room by installing shelves all the way up the wall. This allows you to save floorspace so you can get a bigger, more comfortable chair without compromising on storage for your paperwork, books, accessories, gadgets, and anything else you need for work.

Cable Management

If you’ve got a lot of cables for your computer, monitors, tech gadgets, phone chargers, tablet chargers and more, then it’s a good idea to invest in a good cable management system. With a small home office, it can be all too easy for cables to get tangled up and start taking over the space. Not only does this look untidy, but it can also quickly become a safety hazard. You can purchase cable management systems to keep them out of the way or use inexpensive solutions like zip ties.

Working from home is the new normal, but not everybody has extensive home office space in their house. If you’re working from a tiny box room or even a large closet, keep these tips for a functional, tidy home office space in mind.