Can you believe that the global professional pest removal industry is worth over $19.7 billion?

Not only are pests unsightly when we encounter them in our homes, but they can also cause lots of damage to our property and health. This is why it’s crucial to always be on guard and eradicate pests as soon as you notice any signs of trouble.

There are many different types of home pests that everyone should learn about. Keep reading so you can understand the most common kinds that people run into.


Out of all of the residential pests out there, nothing strikes fear in people’s hearts quite like a cockroach. There are several species of roaches that could be in your home, but the German cockroach is the most prevalent species in America.

Cockroaches are dirty insects that track a wide range of bacteria, viruses, and other harmful germs throughout your home.


Rats and mice can make cute pets, but encountering wild rodents can be a scary situation. Since you don’t know where they’re coming from, it’s impossible to tell if they’re carrying any diseases.

Rodents can also chew through your belongings and property. You should call the best pest removal company like to take care of this issue right away.


Ants tend to be more of a nuisance rather than a dangerous threat, but you still shouldn’t let them take over your home. Ants are drawn indoors to find food, and they’ll recruit the rest of their colony as soon as they’ve made contact.

Setting out some bait should do the trick since the ants will take the poison back to the queen and kill the whole colony.


Termites and ants get confused all the time because they have a similar appearance. One simple way to distinguish the two is to reflect on where you’re encountering them.

Ants hang out in the kitchen, while termites can appear anywhere. Termites chew through your home and cause massive structural damage. It’s imperative to get high-quality pest removal services to avoid paying for huge home repair projects.

Bed Bugs

It’s easy to tell when bed bugs have invaded your home because your body will be covered in painful bites. If you can rule out mosquitos and other bugs, then you need to inspect your bedroom for bed bugs.

You can identify the problem yourself by looking under your mattress, and other furniture or you can call a pest removal company to diagnose and treat the problem.


There are some kinds of fleas that prefer human hosts. However, most people get flea issues from their pets.

Make sure your pets are up to date on the flea medication and keep them away from strange animals that could carry fleas.

These Are the Most Common Types of Home Pests

Everyone should take the time to learn about the most common types of home pests. After reading this guide, you’ll know what to look out for in your home.

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