When tackling the maintenance of your house, most homeowners would feel the need to conduct a general cleaning for their interiors. Somehow the exteriors are always forgotten, not until there are clogs on the gutters and some other problems arise due to accumulated debris and dirt. To avoid such occurrences, it’s imperative to clean your home’s exteriors regularly, too.

Considering how the external elements have possibly affected the condition of your home’s outer features, it’s only understandable to perform its much-needed TLC. Soil, dust, and grit particles accumulate over time, affecting the aesthetics and overall value of your home. Perform scheduled exterior cleaning to prolong the appeal of your home’s exteriors.

Here are some cleaning tips and techniques to make your task relatively simple and doable:

1. Start With The Roof

The roofs generally protect your home, so it only makes sense to give it more care and attention. Cleaning your roof can be done in many ways, depending on your approach and technique. Nevertheless, it starts by removing debris, clogs, dead leaves, and other dirt that have been stuck there for some time. While you can perform this task all on your own, it’s always recommended to go with the pros and have roof experts do the cleaning for you. Fortunately, there are reputable roof cleaning services in Raleigh, NC contractors ready to help you check off this chore from your to-do list.

While you’re working at cleaning your roofs, you can also book a roof inspection and see the current condition and quality of your roofs. Experts can check any algae and mold buildups up there. No matter what kind of roof materials you have, these experts and pros know how to tackle them. At the end of the day, you’ll thank yourself for entrusting your roofs only to the most trustworthy contractors since cleaning your roofs require precise water pressure and techniques that you may have otherwise missed.

2. Clear Out The Gutters

Gutters play a significant role in your home, especially during the rainy season. The maintenance of a home includes frequent gutter cleaning. Clogged downspouts and gutters can damage your roof or sidings; hence, ensure to keep them clear and clean at all times. Over time, when water leaks into your home’s foundation, it will create cracks, and water can penetrate elsewhere, making room for mold and other issues.

Clearing out the gutter can be done by preparing the necessary tools first. Find a ladder, prepare your shovel or scoop, find a pail or bucket, and don’t forget to wear protective equipment while performing this task. Start sweeping the gutters from one end to the other. Sweep off all the dried and fallen leaves, branches, and twigs. Put them all into the pail. Fish out all the debris you can find and ensure that the gutter’s pathways are now clear.

Finally, when all obstructions are removed, you can hose down water into the gutter to remove soil and grime. You may prepare water with detergent soap or other cleaning solutions. The water flow should be directed into your downspouts after you adjust your hose to full force. Make sure there are no clogs. If you find any, climb the ladder to unclog it once again.

3. Power Wash The Sidings

The home’s sidings are essential features that add beauty to the curb appeal. However, many homeowners overlook the importance of cleaning and maintaining them. Contrary to what some people think, taking good care of it and using the proper technique make it simple to maintain. You may use a pressure washer to perform this task, as long as you adjust it to the minimum water pressure level.


The key here is to prepare the proper cleaning solution combined with water. You can opt for some household bleach and detergent soap. Combine them with two-thirds water. Finally, wash your sidings starting from the bottom up since this technique won’t leave off streaks. Unlike the famous top to bottom approach, cleaning the sidings actually requires the opposite method.

4. Clean Your Windows

Squeaky clean windows make your home’s exteriors look shiny and beautiful. To achieve this:

  • Ensure your windows are clean using an extendable pole and a soft sponge.
  • Prepare a pail with water and soap.
  • Drown the sponge into the liquid and scrape off all the grimes from the window.

Ensure that you pay attention to window frames and exterior shutters. You need to ensure every corner of the windows is cleaned well. The next step is to wash off the soapy solution away from the windows. You can power wash it or manually sprinkle clean water into the windows and use a scraper to remove excess water. You can also use newspaper to dry the windows and prevent streaks.


Nothing is more refreshing than living in a house with a clean interior and exterior. Most people, however, overlook cleaning their home’s surfaces. Unfortunately, homeowners experience common roof problems when they accumulate dirt, and sometimes gutters are eventually clogged. Before these adverse things happen, it’s crucial to clean your home’s exterior while following the tips mentioned above.