Due to federal tax incentives of 30% and grants from States and other funding agencies, solar photovoltaic (PV), installations are becoming more popular. This has led to many new, inexperienced companies operating in the solar industry. These companies might be trying to take advantage of customers. When considering the addition of a solar system to your home, it is very important to choose a reputable, professionally-trained installer. Exact Solar is a renewable company that serves as solar installer Doylestown PA. The company is a specialist in Residential and light commercial solar photovoltaic energy, backup battery, and all other home renewable energy requirements.

Ask About The Certification

There are several things you should know when choosing an installer. The solar industry has a national board, just like other professional fields. It grants certification to individuals who have passed a professional exam. Ask any potential installers if they are certified. You don’t have to believe the installer. Although references can be obtained from the installer, they may not be true. Visit a solar installation to ask the owner about his/her experiences with dealing with the company. You can Google the name of the company to see additional information beyond what is posted on the website.

Solar Installer Certifications: What You Need To Know

Ask About Experience

What kind of experience does your installer have? Are they a previous worker in a similar industry? Or are they more experienced in an unrelated industry such as solar, electrical, engineering or roofing? In a down economy, for example, companies that have been installing windows and other home improvements such as siding, roofing, gutters, heating, air conditioning, and heating systems might consider becoming a “solar company”. You should ask yourself how this previous experience can be translated into a technical industry like solar. A competent solar company can deal with high voltage DC electricity and roof waterproofing. They also have the skills necessary to ensure safety for your home.

Are They Providing The Right Information?

Are potential installers making production claims without performing a site visit or providing the right information? Local companies are known to claim a 54% reduction on energy bills for customers without ever doing a site assessment. They also don’t know the homeowner’s energy efficiency level and electric bills. Are you being pressured by the installer to sell quickly? These systems can’t be sold in one meeting with a company. It takes time to assess your site and design a system that suits your needs.

Are They Playing Price Games?

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Are they playing price games? Are they trying to sell you something quickly by lowering the cost of your purchase? This is a sign that the original price was too high, and that they are trying to deceive you. It is possible that something sounds too good to be true.

Is The Installer Trying To Sell Unproven Technology?

Is the installer trying to sell you unproven technology? Standard solar panels can be mono-crystalline or multi-crystalline. These panels have a proven track record with a life expectancy of 40 years or more. Technology that is relatively new does not have a proven track record. This could be reflected in a shorter warranty provided by the technology manufacturer. Standard panels come with a warranty of at least 20 years. Be cautious with newer technology, and make sure to do your research before you commit.

These basic questions can help you avoid being exploited. Solar photovoltaic systems are a well-established technology that has a long history of performance under the right conditions and a long lifespan. Do not let inexperienced solar installers lower the value of your investment.