If you want to give your Vancouver home new energy, a spring refresh can be the way to go. A few bold pillows or a wall painted in a fun color can transform a room even if you keep everything else the same. Some styles —  like mid-century modern furniture and hardwood floors — are timeless, and as trends come and go you may see a few styles repeating themselves. In 2022, there are some trends that can give your home an extra of-the-moment look, to make it comfortable and stylish at the same time, especially if you are updating your Vancouver home to sell it.

Back to Nature

Because of the extended time that people spent indoors in 2020 and 2021, natural elements in home decor took center stage, and that trend is still here to stay. These updates might be with sustainable and green materials, like incorporating wood, bamboo, marble, and plants into your decor. Blonde wood is a popular choice that can help your home feel light and airy, evoking freshness and new energy. Linen and other natural fibers can be mixed with light wood to bring the outdoors in.

Go Bold

Homeowners are going bold in 2022 with mixed patterns for floors, walls, and window coverings. While you’ll want to be careful about mixing too many patterns at once, you could wallpaper one area of a room to give it a fun edge. Bright colors like orange and pink are also making a comeback from the ‘60s and ‘80s as accents for walls, pillows, and decorative elements.

Make it Comfortable 

Calm and comfort are two themes that are big for 2022 and they are coming through with colors and materials. If you are considering a new color palette for a room, warm beiges, browns, blues, and greens can evoke a sense of calm. Adding groups of plants can also have a calming presence by bringing nature inside.

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Mid-Century Focus

If you want a timeless design for your furniture, you can’t go wrong with mid-century modern. The best is to find vintage pieces and give them a new life, but you can also buy new furniture styled with peg legs, in teak, and with highly textured fabrics. Terracotta, sage, and mustard are colors that can add a mid-century flair with decorative accents, without changing your furniture.

Less is More

Streamlined homes are always on-trend, and in 2022 less is definitely more. This might mean decluttering, or having one room that functions as two — such as a guest bedroom that is also a home office or gym. Rooms with two roles have the added benefit of increasing your home’s appeal to buyers. Instead of cluttering a shelf with a collection of objects, consider putting one key item on display that can be the focal point. Decor groupings might be three small framed works of art clustered together, or a selection of plants. You can also make your decor intentional and functional at the same time, such as by hanging serving plates to also free up cabinet or shelf space.

Start with a few small changes, such as introducing a new color into your living room, and see how this can spur a whole new look and 15minutes4me inspire you to make even bolder upgrades.