You love entertaining friends and family. Who doesn’t love a bit of celebration now and then? One does not require any special occasion to celebrate life. All you need is good company and delicious food. However, you need space to entertain every guest. It becomes difficult to entertain the guests if you don’t have a large enough living room. The guests may feel cramped in a small space. Therefore, designing an open and spacious living room is mandatory. You can make your living room more spacious with the right design and styling. Continue reading this article to learn practical tips to help you decorate your living space.

Natural Lights: Let the natural light shine through the house’s interior. Natural light makes everything bright and sunny. Therefore, let the sunlight come through the window and light up the room. You can always build new ones if you do not have large windows. Contact an experienced construction management company and tell them about your idea for the windows. The experts will better understand how to modify the space to let the natural light come through.

  • You may decide to break down a portion of the walls and install large glass windows. Make sure the constructors follow your instructions to help make your vision come to life.
  • You can add large ceiling-to-floor curtains that cover the glass windows. The curtains will also help maintain privacy and act as a barrier between the outside and the interior. You may draw the curtain when you do not need all the lights.

Artificial Light: At night, one cannot rely on the sunlight to make everything sunny and bright. But, you can still make the room more spacious by installing LED lights at different levels of the wall. Avoid having a single source of light in the room as a single source of light will make the room look dark, dingy, and small. Instead, have different soft lighting sources that will help create an ambiance. You must strategically use the vertical space to install different lights on the walls.

Use Of Colors: Most people prefer a light tone on the walls to make the room look bigger than it is. The calming tones trick the eyes into thinking the room is more spacious. If you wish to use wallpapers instead, avoid choosing a busy pattern. Busy patterns or dark colors on the walls will make the room look dingy and dark. You may hand framed pictures of bright colors to create contrast with the walls.

Décor: have minimal décor to enhance the use of space. If you fill the room with unnecessary furniture, people will have difficulty moving freely. Furthermore, pick furniture that complements the wall colors. You may use a large carpet that goes under the sofa or the seating chairs. When you use large carpets, it makes the room look bigger. Purchase furniture with legs as such furniture do not block one’s view of the floor, making the floor appear bigger.