Compound Pukka Design:

Master Builders Group was keen to develop a perfect compound with wonderful designs that simulate the finest sophisticated architectural designs with the magnificent view of the units.

Pukka New Capital Compound is designed in a distinctive style as well as providing the space between the buildings that gives the residents more privacy that they need and a compound fully services that meets your expectations and satisfaction.

In addition to, MBG tend to develop the compound with a diversity of units’ space as the apartments’ space in Pukka Compound starts from 48 m² up to 196 m² while the space of the penthouse starts from 147 m² up to 274 m.

Only 22% of the total area was used of Compound Pukka New Capital to develop those residential units and the remaining of the area was used for the massive landscape and outstanding facilities that bring the luxury to its residents.

Compound Pukka Prices:

The developer insisted to provide affordable prices that meet all the customers’ budget while promoting the best lifestyle with high standard quality designs, as the price of the apartment starts with 552,000 Egyptian Pounds which considered as best prices in the New Administrative Capital.

While the price per meter is considered more affordable than the other compounds to the investors as in Pukka New Capital, starting from 11,500 Egyptian pounds.

Pukka Compound is known with providing the best payment plan to make it easier with the payments for the customers, the developer made several payment systems, as following:

  • A 0% down-payment and the amount are paid in installments over 5 years.
  • The down-payment can start from 5% and the rest of the payment can be over 6 years of installments.
  • 10% down payment and after one year another 5%, and the rest in installments over 7 years.
  • 20% down payment and the remaining payment can be up to 8 years in equal installments.

مول ايست تاور العاصمة الادارية 2022 East Tower New Capital

Pukka Compound Delivery:

The apartment units of Pukka compound will be delivered semi-finished in 2022.

However, the developer always tends to put more effort for their customers and make it more comfortable in moving in.

They decided to make a system for the finishing for the apartment and during booking the apartment in Pukka compound, the customer can agree with MBG on if he wants the apartment fully or semi-finished.

Pukka Compound Location:

Master Building Group was keen to pick a distinguish location for Pukka Compound New Capital, as it is destinated in the Residential Seventh District R7 of Mohammed Bin Zayed Axis.

Pukka compound is located in the center of the New Administrative Capital which gives an easy access through it to the most important areas in the New Capital such as: Conference Hall, The British University, The Green River, The Great Cathedral Church.

In addition to, Pukka New Capital is minutes away from The New Capital Airport and The Expo City.