Designed to be gripped by the hand, a handrail is a rail that offers support or security. Banisters are the British term for handrails. A common function for handrails is to give support to the body or to keep garments in place in a restroom or similar environment. Handrails are widely utilized to hold essentials or avoid injuries when climbing or descending stairways and escalators. Balustrades or walls serve as a commonplace for handrails to be mounted.

Useful in commercial places

Whether it’s on a staircase or ramp, deck or mezzanine, veranda or mezzanine level, corridor, bridge, or even a roof, each approach leading into a facility must have a continuous barrier like a handrail. The installation of handrails helps to reduce falls and accidents from raised locations and retaining walls.

High-quality galvanized steel is used in the production of MAM’s handrail system, which meets Australian Standards and other applicable building requirements.

There are a wide variety of safety railings available from which to choose. They can endure the severe Australian weather because of their strength, durability, and resistance to corrosion.

Useful for industrial safety

Falls in the workplace is still a key concern for company owners in terms of safety. Most workplace injuries are caused by falls from a higher surface, even though several factors contribute to workplace falls.

To avoid falls and slips, handrails are a simple and effective method to do so. It also assists in giving assistance to workers who have difficulty mounting or descending stairs, ramps, or other walking/working platforms.

Useful for stairways

Employers should construct a handrail system and stairway railing to safeguard the safety of their workers. The stair railing serves as a barrier to prevent falls from the sides of the stairways, whilst handrails provide support in the form of a hand.

Handrail regulations are getting more stringent as public spaces and companies strive to make their workplaces safe and accessible to the disabled.

Our railings and accessories are of the highest quality, need little maintenance, and do not require any welding. We’ve been in the business for a long time, and we’ve learned a lot about what it takes to keep your company safe and up to Australian Standards. For your convenience, we send our modular handrails all around Australia.

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