Performing routine maintenance on certain equipment, such as your dryer, can cause it last longer and prevent many common repair problems. Cleaning the dryer vent annually can save you money on repairs and replacements.

Time to Clean the Dryer

Routine cleaning of the vents can prevent 90% of common dryer problems. There are several ways to find out when it’s time to clean the dryer.

If your dryer is hot after discharging, your clothes take longer to dry, and if heavy things are still wet after running the dryer, your dryer may be clogged and need to be cleaned.

Remove the lint

It is important to be very careful to ensure that the lint is removed as soon as possible. Try to ensure that the lint is cleaned each time you use it. The lint must be removed from the screen to prevent further damage to the machine. The process of checking the lint on the screen is easy and does not require any special skills.

Clean the Exhaust Vent

It is also necessary to pay attention to regular cleaning of exhaust vents and hoses. This will help avoid any problems related to clogging of the holes. Proper maintenance is essential to keep your system in good working order and to prevent a possible fire.

Unplug Before Beginning

When using the dryer vent cleaning kit to clean your machine, it is important to unplug it before beginning the process. This is very important because it can save you from the risk of electric shock. Disconnect the hose from the socket. Also use a vacuum cleaner to remove any lint that could clog the machine. When working, the lint may fall to the floor and don’t allow it to remain on the floor, as this may lead to a fire hazard.

Clean the Inside of the Vents

The inside of the vents must be cleaned and vacuumed thoroughly. Therefore, you need a dryer cleaning kit, because not all types of vacuum can be used. Also, be sure to clean the outside of the machine. It doesn’t take time and it’s easy to do. However, if you cannot do it yourself, you can call a professional for dryer vent cleaning in Chicago who will clean the machine for you.

How to Prevent the Amount of Lint That Gets in The Dryer

The first thing to do is to remove the dryer lint from the trap after every use. Any dirt under the trap must then be thoroughly cleaned. You should also remove the dirt from under and behind the dryer every 3 to 6 months.

If your dryer hose is made of plastic or thin foil material, you should consider replacing it. The reason you should do this is that materials are easily damaged and are likely to hinder proper airflow, which can lead to equipment overheating. To avoid having to replace the pipe hose often, you should consider purchasing a pipe made of a stronger material, such as metal.

Remember to clean the dryer exhaust system once a year to prevent dryer fires in your home. If you live in an apartment complex, make sure your property manager knows how important it is to maintain a dryer vent. Homeowners should also give priority to cleaning the dryers of their units. This is what you need to know about cleaning the dryer vent. If you do not have the time or the right materials, you should consider hiring a professional to help you with the cleaning.